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261DARS/Students - Request a DARS audit for a declared major/certificate94059Office of the Registrar2024-06-1911235
262DARS/Students - Request a 'What-If' DARS audit for major/certificate not declared94068Office of the Registrar2024-06-1922712
263DARS/Students - Read a DARS audit report94069Office of the Registrar2024-06-199684
264SIS/Managing Your Enrollment - Student Center: Course Change Request7700Office of the Registrar2024-06-1956635
265Student Center - Print Enrollment Verification98391Office of the Registrar2024-06-1924183
266SIS/Student Groups - Viewing all Student Group members118423Office of the Registrar2024-06-191602
267SIS/Student Groups - Student Group Reports118428Office of the Registrar2024-06-191751
268Procedures: Course Proposal Sample Syllabus Requirements110354Academic Planning2024-06-199765
269CALS DDO - Points of Contact - Office of Information Technology96954CALS Dean's Office2024-06-17929
270CALS DDO - Points of Contact - External Relations96917CALS Dean's Office2024-06-17882
271Course Search & Enroll - "Exceeded your credit maximum" or "Minimum credits not met" Error87499Office of the Registrar2024-06-1311309
272MyUW/Courses - Viewing Your Class Schedule4130Office of the Registrar2024-06-1223162
273MyUW/Courses - Viewing Your Exam Schedule4135Office of the Registrar2024-06-1225733
274WiscWeb - “This site can’t be reached” error113654WiscWeb2024-06-043251
275SIS - Enrollment Prep Checklist2976Office of the Registrar2024-06-0411804
276Faculty Center - Entering Textbooks8888Office of the Registrar2024-06-0313551
277Term Withdrawal FAQ25151Office of the Registrar2024-06-0351422
278DARS/Students - Start the DARS audit request process94056Office of the Registrar2024-05-3017326
279Faculty Center - Grade Roster Tips96707Office of the Registrar2024-05-307051
280Secure Box - Uploading SSN Card123347Office of the Registrar2024-05-302965
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