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321607-ReportfromAdHocCommitteeonASAEngagement.pdf [Attachment file]63089The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-02NA
322597A-AdHocCommitteeonTitlingandCompensationReport.pdf [Attachment file]62470The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-04-04NA
323595-MemorialResolutionforHeatherMcManamy.pdf [Attachment file]61661The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-03-07NA
324571-ResolutiononCategoryASalaryMaxima.pdf [Attachment file]51051The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2015-05-04NA
325543A-StandingCommitteeAnnualReports2013-14.pdf [Attachment file]46655The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2015-02-02NA
326AS_Survey.pdf [Attachment file]40755The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-06-05NA
327502A-CriticalCompensationFundReport.pdf [Attachment file]40472The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-05-29NA
328LCAAnnualReport-UndergraduateAdviser-2013.pdf [Attachment file]23837L&S KB2013-07-15NA
329LegalStudiesProgramAssessment2013final.pdf [Attachment file]23837L&S KB2013-06-24NA
330EAD_Minutes_Sept08.pdf [Attachment file]31050VCRGE and Graduate School2013-06-19NA
331ISSUESAssessmentReport.doc [Attachment file]23837L&S KB2013-03-07NA
332FacDoc274-full.pdf [Attachment file]21768L&S KB2011-12-14NA
333 Microsoft 365 (Thunderbird) - Configure Thunderbird
28427DoIT Help Desk2023-03-22235985
334 Microsoft 365 (Thunderbird) - Sorting Messages
39587DoIT Help Desk2023-02-027303
335 Microsoft 365 (Apple Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Reminders on OS 10.9) - Client Capabilities
38430DoIT Help Desk2023-02-029805

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