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341 Excel 2013 - Enabling fill handle and cell drag-and-drop
40873DoIT Help Desk2017-08-17265669
342 Perceptive Experience - Searching for and viewing documents
343 My study involves working with students, parents, or staff at K-12 schools. Are there any special requirements that I need to be aware of related to my IRB submission?
74126Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2017-07-122200
344 Microsoft Excel - Formula to Calculate Sum of Cells in Separate Worksheets
2100DoIT Help Desk2017-06-122185644
345 ASA Document 653. Recommendations from Academic Staff Worklife Survey White Paper
73393Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2017-05-191012
346 ASA Document 649. 2016 Academic Staff Worklife Survey Report
72879Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2017-04-251156
347 HS-IRBs News July 2015
53923Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2017-01-092773
348 IRB Member Workspace Navigation Guide for IRB Members
20579Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2016-12-224449
349 Meeting Workspace Navigation Guide for IRB Members
20587Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2016-12-195638
350 ASA Document 598A. Policy on Children in the Workplace
63707Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-271133
351 ASA Document 598. Policy on Children in the Workplace
63706Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-271181
352 HS-IRBs News May 2015
51161Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-162919
353 HS-IRBs News April 2014
39236Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-093342
354 HS-IRBs News December 2013
35551Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-093274
355 HS-IRBs News July 2013
31763Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-096469
356 HS-IRBs News May 2014
39989Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-092835
357 HS-IRBs News November 2013
35117Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-093461
358 HS-IRBs News September 2013
33318Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-093982
359 HS-IRBs News January 2013
27999Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-094220
360 HS-IRBs News August 2013
32716Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2015-06-093631

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