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41 L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC)
45179L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-117275
42 Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-10-04
114662UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-01477
43 The Learner Activity View for Advisors (LAVA) Overview for Pilot
112677Learning Analytics2021-12-09845
44 Creating or Changing a Center in L&S
25219L&S Administrative Gateway2021-08-043941
45 Associated Students of Madison
84192Associated Students of Madison2021-08-033464
46 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-05-07
86715UW Secretary of the Faculty2021-02-151741
47 Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-05-04
106535UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-11-13914
48 Tuition Transparency / ASM
84500Associated Students of Madison2020-09-252233
49 L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Bylaws
45181L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-114961
50 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Bylaws
45190L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-114498
51 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Reports
45212L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-113948
52 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI)
45189L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-117773
53 Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-02-07
117239UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-29199
54 Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-03-07
117786UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-0689
55 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-05-01
77159UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-042413
56 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-02-05
80776UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-042299
57 Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-11-04
96432UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-011741
58 Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-12-06
116618UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-01252
59 L&S Senate Agenda
21759L&S Administrative Gateway2022-03-216426
60 L&S Curricular Deadlines for Course and Program Changes
19996L&S Administrative Gateway2022-03-0931980

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