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41 L&S: Governance review of course proposals
19984L&S KB2023-03-1311606
42 Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - Manage permissions to your calendar
62749Microsoft 3652023-03-1368418
43 Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows/Mac) - Manage permissions to an email folder
62790Microsoft 3652023-03-1329030
44 Microsoft 365 (Outlook on the web | Outlook for Windows/Mac) - Send as or Send on-behalf of another account
40879Microsoft 3652023-03-10274049
45 L&S Academic Planning Council
19983L&S KB2023-03-076411
46 L&S Policy on Review of Certificate Programs
24813L&S KB2023-03-066812
47 Continuing Review: UW-Madison Purview Enrollment Guidance
19559Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-03-027622
48 What documents related to IRB review should be maintained by the study team as part of the research record?
43483Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-03-027308
49 Continuing Review & Changes of Protocol
19229Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-03-029460
50 VA Research: Health Sciences IRBs Policy for IRB Review of Human Subjects Research that Falls Under VA Purview
55429Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-03-027430
51 Health Sciences Minimal Risk Institutional Review Board Compliance Statement
24827Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-2811798
52 I have a change of protocol and a continuing review coming up. Which should I submit first?
22255Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-286320
53 Review of FDA-Regulated Research Policy
58859Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-288113
54 Does my research with coded information or specimens require IRB review?
22226Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-287959
55 Does research with existing datasets require IRB review?
22228Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-289393
56 Health Sciences Institutional Review Board Compliance Statement
24826Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-2811056
57 When does something qualify as a Health Care Records Review Only application?
20871Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-285843
58 Cancer Center: Handling New Information During Pre-review
17454Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-285759
59 Cancer Center: Submitting Changes with a 90-Day Review Deadline
17455Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-286173
60 Does a pilot or feasibility study require IRB review and approval?
26431Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2023-02-2839567

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