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401Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-10-02132590UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07649
402Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-03-06127074UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07747
403Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-02-06124660UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07810
404Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-03-07117786UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-071376
405Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-04-05110656UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-071747
406Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-12-07108809UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072185
407Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-02-01109486UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072138
408Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-05-0694907UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072806
409Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-03-0490883UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073355
410Faculty Senate Minutes 2016-02-01114015UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-071417
411Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-11-02107045UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072304
412Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-12-0297612UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072523
413Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-11-0496432UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072934
414Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-10-0795590UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073069
415Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-10-02106990UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072242
416Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-03-01110152UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-071775
417Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-03-02101332UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072549
418Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-04-20101835UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072751
419Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-04-0192342UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073517
420University Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-12-1790217UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072645
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