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61 WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Using Widgets On Posts Pages
77134WiscWeb CMS2020-02-212261
62 WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Using Document Pages
69225WiscWeb CMS2020-02-182509
63 Instructor Provided Content (IPC)
16990Office of the Registrar2020-02-138308
64 Canvas - How Automated Course and Section Creation Works
65 SIS - Curricular & Enrollment Inquiry
542Office of the Registrar2020-01-1512020
66 Catalog Year and L&S Degree Requirements
94410L&S Administrative Gateway2019-12-10533
67 Curricular Changes in the College of Letters & Science
20048L&S Administrative Gateway2019-12-105188
68 KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Default Keywords
5343KB User's Guide2019-12-0911996
69 The Relationship of Guide to DARS
69749L&S Administrative Gateway2019-11-271558
70 UW - Risk Management Policy on Catering
22629L&S Administrative Gateway2019-11-254425
71 KB User's Guide - Topics Tab - Adding, Editing, and Deleting Topics
5344KB User's Guide2019-11-1124798
72 (WHS Archives) ARCs -- Updates to WHS MARC Catalog Records and EAD Finding Aids [Campus login required]
73 KB User's Guide - Topics - The Batch Topic Assignment Tool
22118KB User's Guide2019-09-0936415
74 (WHS Archives) Cataloging -- Electronic Records
75 WiscIT - Building Searches
76 Installing and Running CIS-CAT Pro on Mac [Campus login required]
77 Installing and Running CIS-CAT Pro on Windows [Campus login required]
78 WiscIT - Reporting Group Reports
79 WiscIT - Modifying Fields (One-Step Configuration)
80 Catastrophic Leave
53480HR Policies2019-04-056744

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