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61UCCX 12.5 - Team Data110111Voice Services2021-04-062119
62UCCX 12.5 - Changing an agent state by a supervisor109960Voice Services2021-03-302385
63Parking for Instructors or Other Guests107997Division of Continuing Studies-Noncredit 2020-12-18366
64Student Center - Access for Former Students2638Office of the Registrar2024-07-0113620
65Student Center - Viewing Your Holds4139Office of the Registrar2024-06-2798091
66Procedures: Centers, Institutes, and Center-Like Units107143Academic Planning2024-06-252583
67Faculty Center - Common questions from Instructors and Department Staff about the course Wait List Process15168Office of the Registrar2024-06-2442290
68SIS/Managing Your Enrollment - Student Center: Course Change Request7700Office of the Registrar2024-06-1957012
69Student Center - Print Enrollment Verification98391Office of the Registrar2024-06-1925022
70Student Center - You are not authorized to access this component error97416DoIT Help Desk2024-06-041887
71Faculty Center - Entering Textbooks8888Office of the Registrar2024-06-0313656
72Faculty Center - Grade Roster Tips96707Office of the Registrar2024-05-307184
73Student Center - Reading Your Credit Evaluation116970Office of the Registrar2024-05-2125207
74Student Center - Editing Your Privacy (FERPA) Settings18785Office of the Registrar2024-05-1525545
75SIS - Data Center: Ad-Hoc Reporting in SIS72755Office of the Registrar2024-05-017692
76Student Center - Updating Your Legal Name, Birthdate or Gender106283Office of the Registrar2024-04-2922838
77Student Center - Withdrawing from a Term25601Office of the Registrar2024-04-1532881
78Student Center - Applying for Graduation4128Office of the Registrar2024-04-11202804
79Faculty Center - Class Roster Classes or Term Not Listed2215Office of the Registrar2024-04-0916743
80Faculty Center - Submitting Grade Changes96719Office of the Registrar2024-04-0910418
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