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61MyUW/Course Schedule - Viewing Your Class Schedule4130Office of the Registrar2024-01-3122647
62Course Search & Enroll - "Class is closed and wait list is full" Error87500Office of the Registrar2024-01-317272
63Student Center - Navigating in Student Center14900Office of the Registrar2024-01-3111131
64Course Search & Enroll - "You do not have access at this time" Error95880Office of the Registrar2024-01-316912
65Course Search & Enroll - "Tag RELATE_CLASS_NBR" Error95801Office of the Registrar2024-01-264607
66Course Search & Enroll - Add & Enroll in Classes4134Office of the Registrar2024-01-2678333
67Course Search & Enroll - "Exceeded your credit maximum" or "Minimum credits not met" Error87499Office of the Registrar2024-01-2610817
68Student Center - Updating Your Contact Information4126Office of the Registrar2024-01-2696958
69Faculty Center - Common questions from Instructors and Department Staff about the course Wait List Process15168Office of the Registrar2024-01-2641282
70Academic Navigator - List of Advisors4127Office of the Registrar2024-01-2623214
7125Live - Special Events Requesting General Assignment Classrooms: Timeline and Processes94130Office of the Registrar2024-01-261433
72Transcript - Understanding the Transcript96537Office of the Registrar2024-01-2318017
73Transcript - Key/Legend102294Office of the Registrar2024-01-2319901
74WiscWeb - Using Widgets on Posts Pages77134WiscWeb2024-01-225697
75Transcript - Official vs. Unofficial Transcript98554Office of the Registrar2024-01-195448
76Course Search & Enroll - Dropping a Class15256Office of the Registrar2024-01-1950908
77Course Search & Enroll - Common Issues and Error Messages87287Office of the Registrar2024-01-1928110
78SIS/Managing Your Enrollment - Student Center: Course Change Request7700Office of the Registrar2024-01-0355073
79Student Center - Social Security Number12359Office of the Registrar2024-01-0332189
80SIS - Enrollment Prep Checklist2976Office of the Registrar2024-01-0211560
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