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61 L&S Senate - Archive
21768L&S Administrative Gateway2021-10-287708
62 L&S Academic Planning Council
19983L&S Administrative Gateway2021-09-085846
63 Wisconsin Administrative Code [Glossary item]
21752L&S Administrative Gateway2021-04-026666
64 Library Mall Redevelopment Project - Core Advisory Team (CT)
107806Associated Students of Madison2020-12-14759
65 University Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-11-12
88043UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-11-13986
66 Faculty Senate Minutes 2017-02-06
72099UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232538
67 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-10-01
87592UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-231176
68 Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-02-04
90210UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232234
69 Faculty Senate Minutes 2019-03-04
90883UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232102
70 Faculty Senate Minutes 2018-11-05
88199UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-232425
71 L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Agendas and Minutes
45187L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-206248
72 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Agendas and Minutes
45218L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-206894
73 L&S Climate Committee Survey Reports [Campus login required]
18983L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-112137
74 L&S Climate Committee - Members and Guiding Principles
45225L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-116997
75 L&S Climate Committee Resources
45227L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-114793
76 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC)
45207L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-115254
77 L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Initiatives
45182L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-116317
78 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Awards & Grants
45194L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-116479
79 Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-04-04
118318UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-05-0449
80 L&S Academic Planning Council Meeting - Agendas and Notes
27288L&S Administrative Gateway2022-05-0310348

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