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61 Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-05-03
114132UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-01883
62 Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-10-04
114662UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-011010
63 Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-11-01
115162UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-01740
64 Faculty Senate Minutes 2021-12-06
116618UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-04-01721
65 Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-02-07
117239UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-11-08673
66 Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-03-07
117786UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-06-29546
67 Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-04-04
118318UW Secretary of the Faculty2022-05-04455
68 Governance Committees Documents
33268The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2022-08-154618
69 L&S Academic Planning Council
19983L&S KB2023-03-076404
70 L&S Academic Planning Council Meeting - Agendas and Notes
27288L&S KB2023-03-2211431
71 L&S Academic Planning Council Meetings, Deadlines, and Contact
19987L&S KB2022-03-016951
72 L&S APC Policy on Creating, Restructuring, or Discontinuing Departments, Programs, and Department-like Units
20152L&S KB2019-12-238429
73 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI)
45189L&S KB2022-09-218692
74 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Agendas and Minutes
45218L&S KB2023-02-167928
75 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Awards & Grants
45194L&S KB2022-05-117261
76 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Bylaws
45190L&S KB2022-05-115095
77 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Professional Development and Recognition Committee (PDRC)
45207L&S KB2022-10-255878
78 L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Reports
45212L&S KB2022-05-114464
79 L&S Curriculum Committee: Agenda and Notes
126806L&S KB2023-03-2218
80 L&S Curriculum Committee: Role and Members
19992L&S KB2023-03-138659

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