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61 WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Adding GIFs to Your Site
92892WiscWeb CMS2020-02-21801
62 KB User's Guide - User Training: How to Guide Those Visiting Your Live KB Site
15356KB User's Guide2019-11-1112861
63 Web Hosting - Password Protecting Your Site
29524DoIT Web Hosting2019-04-226936
64 KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Customizing Your Site's Look and Feel
5787KB User's Guide2018-03-2821073
65 Webex Meeting: How to Set up a Meeting from your Webex Site
87789Cisco Webex2020-10-263950
66 Wisc Account Admin Site - Domain Admin API - Getting Started
69282Wisc Account Admin2020-09-093048
67 Wisc Account Administration site - Delete an Account
36640Wisc Account Admin2020-09-095953
68 WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Google Analytics Not Tracking Stats for Protected Site or Pages
88838WiscWeb CMS2020-02-251245
69 (WHS Archives) EAD -- Appendix H. Checklist for Review on Test Site
70 WiscVPN - Static IP Sales/Management site
2481DoIT Help Desk2018-06-1418058
71 Canvas - Known Issue - External links display gray page with message " refused to connect"
72 Library Web Site: Attempt to authenticate to non-existent session
10489UW Libraries2020-04-247211
73 KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Managing Group Relationships
5797KB User's Guide2019-01-1616899
74 COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policy
104238HR Policies2020-10-0210032
75 KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Searching / Sorting Options
5342KB User's Guide2019-09-1915612
76 How to Draft Consent and Authorization Documents for Relying Sites
89563Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2019-02-131493
77 KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - Managing Documents in the Group Relationships Screen
12080KB User's Guide2016-10-3120043
78 KB User's Guide - SitePref Tab - CSS for Full View
12075KB User's Guide2019-11-1111637
79 KB User's Guide - Overview of Fields in Document editor
5238KB User's Guide2020-11-1288106
80 How to List and Obtain IRB Approval for Relying Sites
89562Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2019-04-221832

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