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61 L&S Credit Limits in Fall, Spring, and Summer Terms
21177L&S KB2021-05-1917555
62 Graduate Support Guarantee Offer Letters
114771L&S KB2022-04-201324
63 L&S Standard Rates for Short-term Staff and Student Assistants
28638L&S KB2022-07-2641623
64 Summer Course Guidance in L&S
94506L&S KB2022-09-232638
65 Withdrawing from UW-Madison
21703L&S KB2021-11-1167331
66 L&S Recruitment of Short-Term Staff
37654L&S KB2022-05-0914148
67 Lecturer (SA) appointments in L&S: Selection, Hiring & Supervision
32748L&S KB2022-07-269436
68 Guidance for Summer Sessions appointments in L&S
85547L&S KB2022-09-238206
69 L&S Info on Refunds for Semester/Term Withdrawal
21704L&S KB2021-11-116193
70 L&S and UW-Madison Final Exam General Information and Grading Deadline
21658L&S KB2022-06-0814219
71 Request Short-term Staffing in L&S
88848L&S KB2022-08-195579
72 L&S Summer Budget Model
21681L&S KB2022-09-269955
73 L&S Policy for Evaluating Short-Term Instructional Academic Staff
38121L&S KB2021-11-156104
74 Lecturer (SA) appointments in L&S: Supervision, Support, Evaluation
114295L&S KB2022-06-291088
75 STS [Glossary item]
70004L&S KB2022-08-194155
76 Annual Planning Exercises for Teaching & Learning in L&S
36298L&S KB2022-09-2614359
77 L&S Graduate Support Guarantee Exercise & Template
88885L&S KB2021-12-135773
78 L&S Chairs and Directors: Selection, Elections, and Terms
21623L&S KB2022-05-115453
79 L&S Short-Term Staff Appointment Letters
61990L&S KB2022-07-1220604
80 UW Trust Funds Overview [Campus login required]
57702L&S KB2022-08-220

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