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81 ASA Document 584B. Standing Committees Annual Report 2014-15
63687The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-271586
82 ASA Document 583. Campus Transportation Committee Annual Report 2013-14
63686The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-271856
83 ASA Document 582. Committee on Women in the University Annual Report 2013-15
63684The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-271789
84 ASA Document 543. Standing Committee Annual Reports 2013-14
45811The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-12-231880
85 ASA Document 542. Employee Assistance Office 2013-14 Annual Report
45809The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-12-231905
86 ASA Document 541. Ombuds 2013-14 Annual Report
45808The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-12-231750
87 L&S Assessment and Program Review Report Archive
25442L&S KB2021-08-045396
88 L&S Senate - Archive
21768L&S KB2021-10-287838
89 2022 KnowledgeBase (KB) User Group Meeting
119485KB User's Guide2022-08-021475
90 L&S Senate Agenda
21759L&S KB2022-03-216563
91 L&S Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
35009L&S KB2022-07-262856
92 C-basis [Glossary item]
20659L&S KB2022-02-035907
93 L&S Employee Benefits
45753L&S KB2021-08-044795
94 The Department of Dermatology 5, 10 and 15 Year Reports
95 Continuing Review: Review Types & Timing
42689ED/SBS IRB Office2020-08-103637
96 Continuing Review: Application
42687ED/SBS IRB Office2020-08-103410
97 A-basis [Glossary item]
77476L&S KB2020-06-092851

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