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81SPSS - Update License Code on Existing SPSS Installation48505DoIT Help Desk2024-05-06206477
82OVCR-CASI Meetings 2024133798VCRGE and Graduate School2024-05-06247
83Van Hise room 294 AV Equipment and Support130438L&S Learning Support Services2024-05-06200
84Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 04-25-24137123The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2024-05-03312
85PAR 2023137094Medical History and Bioethics2024-05-0288
862-Acetamido-N-(pyridin-3-yl)cycloheptane-1-carboxamide, C15H21N3O2136815** KB Training Site2024-05-02158
87L&S Letter Templates for Academic Staff, University Staff, TE and LI Appointments120566L&S KB2024-05-025575
88Dell Hub Monitor Ports and Connections Setup133070WCER Technical Services2024-05-02766
89College Library Room 2256 - Recording Booth - Troubleshooting122503Libraries2024-05-011094
90College Library Room 2256 - Recording Booth - Quick Start122498Libraries2024-05-011331
91L&S Gift Management: Depositing Gifts, Gifts in Kind, and Gift Acknowledgment127640L&S KB2024-05-01714
92Using UW-Madison's Tableau Server84940Data KB2024-05-015490
93Academic Staff Executive Committee Agenda 05-02-24137046The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2024-04-30199
94Acuity One45 - Clinical Assessment Instructions133832SMPH Academic Affairs Resource2024-04-30247
95L&S Gift Management: How to clear overdrafts on fund 233 gift accounts26520L&S KB2024-04-296424
96Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 04-18-24136991The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2024-04-26255
97Cisco DECT - Cisco 6800 DECT Phone End User Troubleshooting Guide133875Voice Services2024-04-26374
98Cisco DECT - DECT Phones FAQ133877Voice Services2024-04-26180
99University Committee Meeting Minutes 2024-04-15136948UW Secretary of the Faculty2024-04-24160
100Academic Staff Executive Committee Agenda 04-25-24136923The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2024-04-23219
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