1. Pay Adjustments
  2. Viewing Employee Job Data Records in HRS
  3. Making Timesheet Adjustments in HRS
  4. SpectrumU - Using the Spectrum U App
  5. Managing the Individual Retroactive Payroll Process (Payroll Coordinators) in HRS
  6. Kaltura - Choosing a microphone and setting levels for recording quality audio (UW-Madison)
  7. Processing Payline Adjustment Requests in HRS
  8. Entering an Adjusted Continuous Service Date in HRS
  9. Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) - This project is only open for adjusting entries. Please use another project.
  10. SIS - Dean's Drop / Withdrawal Request
  11. Crafts Workers/Trades
  12. Viewing Payline Adjustments in HRS
  13. Creating a Benefits Payline Adjustment in HRS
  14. Adjusting Savings Management Service in HRS
  15. Running Payline Details Report in HRS
  16. Viewing the UW Benefits Payline Adjustment Page In HRS
  17. Institutional Planning Spreadsheet in CAT
  18. Processing the WED Missing Adjusted Continuous Service Date Report in HRS
  19. Compensation Administration Tool 1.3 Transfer Business Process in CAT
  20. Running the IPS Upload to CAT (Append) and Additional Adjustments Page
  21. Running the IPS Upload to Additional Adjustments Pages (AAP) for CAT
  22. Running the Audit Log Report in CAT
  23. Adjusting the ALRA Counter in HRS
  24. Compensation Administrative Tool and Additional Adjustments Pages in CAT
  25. Compensation Administrative Tool 1.2 Terminations Business Process in CAT
  26. Submitting an Exception or Adjustment to L&S Academic Requirements (DARS-X)
  27. UWMSN - Job and Employment Management System (JEMS) Access
  28. Running the Institutional Planning Spreadsheet to CAT [Edit and Overwrite]
  29. Running Payline Details and PSHUP Load Report in HRS
  30. Entering an Earnings Payline Adjustment on the UW Payline Adjustment Page in HRS
  31. Entering a General Deduction Payline Adjustment on the UW Payline Adjustment Page in HRS
  32. Requesting Benefits Billing Refunds in HRS
  33. Refunding Benefits Using an Off-Cycle Payroll in HRS
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  36. UW–Madison Adjusted Continuous Service [Glossary item]
  37. Base-Building Adjustment [Glossary item]
  38. State of Wisconsin Adjusted Continuous Service [Glossary item]
  39. ASA Document 564. Resolution on Merit-Based Salary Adjustments for UW Employees
  40. Requesting an Adjustment Using the UW Term Paysheet Request Page in HRS