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1 UW-Madison Google Workspace - Exporting Multiple Files from Google Drive
15244UW Google Apps2021-11-3022191
2 ASA Document 568. Background Sheet for ASPP Discussion-ASEC Election Calendar
41793The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2015-06-292068
3 ASA Document 569. Background Sheet for ASPP Discussion-Procedures for Tie Votes for Elected Governance Positions
41800The Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2015-06-292003
4 AWS - Backing up AWS resources
66904Public Cloud2022-06-14561
5 Azure - Backing up Azure resources
68174Public Cloud2022-06-20541
6 Background Knowledge Probe (ALC)
118445Instructional Resources2022-10-28523
7 Background Knowledge Probe (classroom)
104169Instructional Resources2022-10-283089
8 Background Knowledge Probe in Large Courses (online)
103599Instructional Resources2022-10-281582
9 Background options missing MS Teams
102813Law School2020-06-041414
10 Backward Design Step 1: Identify Situational Factors
106846Instructional Resources2022-10-281879
11 Backward Design Step 2: Identify Course Outcomes
105495Instructional Resources2022-10-281247
12 Backward Design Step 3: Define Course Structure
103667Instructional Resources2022-10-281136
13 Backward Design Step 4: Identify Unit Objectives
104178Instructional Resources2022-10-281192
14 Backward Design Step 5: Identify Evidence of Understanding
104177Instructional Resources2022-10-281195
15 Backward Design Step 6: Select Learning Activities For Your Course
104664Instructional Resources2022-10-281541
16 Backward Design Step 7: Integrate Course Elements
103375Instructional Resources2022-10-281547
17 Backward Design Step 8: Debug Your Course
107450Instructional Resources2022-10-281318
18 Backward Design Step 9: Evaluate Your Course
107400Instructional Resources2022-10-281673
19 Bucky Backup (Linux) - Changing a Bucky Backup Node Password
8916Bucky Backup2022-01-037361
20 Bucky Backup (Linux) - Stopping and Starting the Client Scheduler
8920Bucky Backup2017-08-029728

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