1. Computer Security Check List
  2. Redirect: Accessibility for content creators checklist
  3. Using the Person Assignment Checklist to record Criminal Background Check, Position of Trust and Sexual Harassment Reference Check in HRS
  4. Pre Enrollment Checklist Guide
  5. CALSNet - New CALS Administration Employees Computing Checklist
  6. Lab Close-Out Checklist
  7. Subject Population: Vulnerable Group Checklist
  8. Eloqua - Presend checklist
  9. EPD - Instructor Resources - Online Credit Course - Conclusion Checklist
  10. Funding Checklist and Timelines in HRS
  11. SIS - Enrollment Prep Checklist
  12. Absence Management Checklist of Reports in HRS
  13. EPD - Instructor Resources - Online Course Pre-flight Checklist
  14. Checklist to Avoid Delays in the IRB Approval Process
  15. (WHS Archives) EAD -- Appendix H. Checklist for Review on Test Site
  16. IRB Member Checklist: Protocol Applications that Include Genetic Testing
  17. IRB Member Checklist: Noncompliance
  18. IRB Member Checklist: Research Involving Prisoners as Participants
  19. IRB Member Checklist: Unanticipated Problems
  20. Creating Applicant Checklists in HRS
  21. Help Desk - Leaving the University recommendations for HR/Managers/IT Support/Collaborators
  22. KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - KB Custom Class Names
  23. HS-IRBs News April 2013
  24. VA Research - Policy and Guidance
  25. Preventing Noncompliance Guidance
  26. Completing an Interview Evaluation in TAM
  27. Student Center - Viewing Your Holds
  28. AEFIS - Eval - Double check to make sure courses are assigned evaluations (Admin)