1. VPN information for the College of Engineering
  2. ResearchDrive - Requesting Support
  3. Wireless UWNet - Unable to Connect
  4. Qualys - URLs to Access Qualys via Single Sign-On [Campus login required]
  5. Policy on Electronic Devices Connected to the UW-Madison College of Engineering Network [Campus login required]
  6. UW-Madison College-Level Examination Program (CLEP)
  7. L&S Faculty Meeting, 30 April 2012, Discussion of a Proposed College of the Arts [Campus login required]
  8. College of Engineering Program Proposal Deadlines (Minor Changes)
  9. Declaring a Major in the College of Letters & Science
  10. College of Engineering Course Proposal and Course Change Deadlines
  11. Curricular Changes in the College of Letters & Science
  12. College of Engineering Program Proposal Deadlines (Major Changes)
  13. List of Undergraduate Degrees in the College of Letters & Science
  14. College Library Room 3250 Lectern Controls
  15. College of Engineering Classroom Recording and Equipment Setup
  16. College of Engineering - resources for students
  17. College of Engineering - Resources for Working Remotely
  18. Welcome to the College of Letters & Science Administrative Gateway!
  19. College of Engineering Academic Planner
  20. Lectern Controls Room 3255 College Library
  21. How to transfer funds from UW Foundation to 233- Projects, College of Letters and Science Document
  22. College Library - Troubleshooting - Reimaging "locked" Loaner Mac Laptops
  23. College Library - Reimaging Loaner Mac Laptops with a Provisioner Drive and Common Associated Problems
  24. College Library - Guidelines and Best Practices for Accessibility
  25. College Library - Patron Documentation - Poster Creation
  26. College Library - Patron Documentation - Poster Ordering
  27. ASA Document 204. School, College & Division Academic Staff Councils
  28. ASA Document 210. Recommendations of ASEC - School, College & Division Committees on Acad. Staff Issues (CASI)
  29. AEFIS - Users - Roles and Permissions
  30. Declaring a Second Major Outside of L&S for L&S Undergraduates
  31. L&S Senate Information
  32. L&S Senate - Archive
  33. Free or Low Cost Learning in the Madison Area
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  35. L&S Senate Agenda
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  37. Retaking a Course at UW-Madison
  38. L&S Dean's Senior Staff
  39. Staff - Governance Resources
  40. Connecting to the Display for the Pods in 3250
  41. How to request access to UW-Madison services for non UW-Madison enrolled student employees [Campus login required]
  42. How to Operate the QSC Conferencing System Using the Mersive Solstice Pod
  43. UW-Madison Google Workspace - Using a Google Sites Template
  44. SIS - Support and Contact List
  45. AEFIS - Eval Survey Template - Deleting a Survey Template (Admin)
  46. AEFIS - Eval Survey Template - Creating a Survey Template (Admin)
  47. AEFIS - Eval - Setting an Academic Contact (Admin)
  48. UW Colleges/Extension Restructuring
  49. UNVS* [Glossary item]
  50. UW System - IT Help Desks Contact Information
  51. PRISM - Accessing education records (Former UW Colleges)