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1 (WHS Archives) EAD -- Workflow
2507-2013-StandingCommitteesAnnualReport.pdf [Attachment file]37725Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-02-17NA
3507A-2013-StandingCommitteesAnnualReport.pdf [Attachment file]37726Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-02-17NA
4507A-2013-StandingCommitteesAnnualReport.pdf [Attachment file]35526Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2013-12-03NA
5551-AppendicesforClassifiedResearchReport.pdf [Attachment file]37893Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2015-03-02NA
6551-AppendicesforClassifiedResearchReport.pdf [Attachment file]40763Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2015-06-29NA
75YearReport.pdf [Attachment file]22514Dermatology2018-08-16NA
8 Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 04-30-20
102054Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2020-05-13472
9 ASA Document 425. Robert G. Heideman Memorial Resolution
34792Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2020-07-131654
10DronePolicy.4.25.17.docx [Attachment file]73477UW Secretary of the Faculty2017-05-23NA
11 Guidance for Unammed Aircraft Systems Registration and Insurance
94833VCRGE and Graduate School2019-10-21796
12 University Committee Meeting Minutes 2016-07-25
66804UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-23985
13 University Committee Meeting Minutes 2016-07-25
67008UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-23695
14 University Committee Meeting Minutes 2016-09-25
67999UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-231174
15 UW-Madison Guidance for Investigators Requesting to Add hESC Lines to the UW-Madison hESC Registry
34718VCRGE and Graduate School2017-10-253508
16UW-MadisonPolicyforhPSCResearchRevised23January2013-final.pdf [Attachment file]33286VCRGE and Graduate School2013-09-20NA
17 Vacation
53409HR Policies2020-03-0275049
18WFAA-Town-Hall-2.18.2021-Divestment-Information.pdf [Attachment file]109413Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2021-03-01NA

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