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1 Compromised Credentials Resources
107115Cybersecurity Operations Center2021-05-18241
2 General Student Services Fund Accountability Form
104589Associated Students of Madison2021-04-28433
3 UW-Madison Zoom - End User Privacy Policy
4 UW-Madison - IT - Restricted Data Security Management Policy
59318IT Policy2020-12-228430
5 UW-Madison - IT - Data Classification Policy
59205IT Policy2020-12-2215173
6 Justifications for GSSF Expenses
107797Associated Students of Madison2020-12-11208
7 Completing the HIPAA Section
17449Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2020-09-288127
8 UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Comodo Terms and Conditions
68573Identity and Access Management2020-04-093724
9 University Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-02-19
80964UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-231232
10 University Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-02-19
81333UW Secretary of the Faculty2020-03-23629
11 Guidance on FDA Regulation of Medical Mobile Apps
41771Health Sciences Institutional Review Boards2018-01-238546
12 Data Acquisition, Management, Sharing and Ownership
33391VCRGE and Graduate School2017-09-114691
13 Protecting Data - Technical IT Staff
42691Security Awareness2017-01-046008
14 Security @ UW-Madison - Technical IT Staff
43380Security Awareness2016-03-297527
15 Security @ UW-Madison - Baseline
43376Security Awareness2016-03-214431
16 Social Engineering - Baseline & Technical IT Staff
42828Security Awareness2016-03-108152
17 Data Risk Management - Technical IT Staff
56312Security Awareness2016-03-104289
1820131202BigTenConfStandardsCLEAN.pdf [Attachment file]60186UW Secretary of the Faculty2018-08-01NA
19 Built-in Protection for macOS
20 HRS - W-2 Forms (Wage and Tax Statements) Now Available Online [Campus login required]
108460DoIT Help Desk2021-03-240

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