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1345BCEBC_Annual_Promotion_Reviews.pdf [Attachment file]36679Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2014-01-27NA
2 Computer Labs - Guidelines and Best Practices for Accessibility
102749UW Libraries2020-06-18161
3 Canvas - Calculating Final Grades
4 UW Shared Services Glossary
36301UW–Shared Services2020-07-2425501
5 Reprocessing Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
58136UW–Shared Services2020-07-246535
6 Kaltura Capture - Recording your screen or webcam with Kaltura Capture from Kaltura MediaSpace
62507Identity and Access Management2020-04-092303
8 DoIT Operational Framework – Section 6.0 - Event Management [Campus login required]
9 Academic Staff Policies and Procedures, Chapter 13. University Academic Staff Assembly
81423Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2018-07-021501
10735-CommitteeonWomenintheUniversityAnnualReports2017-2019.pdf [Attachment file]101690Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2020-05-05NA
11707-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2017-2018.pdf [Attachment file]92817Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2019-07-02NA
12707-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2017-2018.pdf [Attachment file]68404Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2019-04-08NA
13679-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2016-2017.pdf [Attachment file]81099Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2018-09-04NA
14679-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2016-2017.pdf [Attachment file]80636Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2018-03-05NA
15628-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2015-16.pdf [Attachment file]69543Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-12-16NA
16628-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2015-16.pdf [Attachment file]69208Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-12-05NA
17583-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2013-14.pdf [Attachment file]63686Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2016-05-27NA
18583-CampusTransportationCommitteeAnnualReport2013-14.pdf [Attachment file]57909Office of the Secretary/ Academic Staff2015-11-02NA
19LSEDCGradeGapReportFacDoc286-full.pdf [Attachment file]21768L&S Administrative Gateway2011-12-14NA
20 EPD - Teaching & Learning - Accessibility - Captioning
103197EPD Department Resources2020-07-317

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