1. Minor Protection and Adult Leadership
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  3. College of Engineering Program Proposal Deadlines (Minor Changes)
  4. Propose changes to L&S program requirements (Major, Named Option, Certificate, Graduate Minor)
  5. ASA Document 626. Minor Protection and Adult Leadership Policy Draft 10.25.16
  6. IRB Guidance: Research with Minors
  7. Children as research participants: Pregnancy Status
  8. Updating Adobe Creative Cloud Applications to the Latest Version
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  10. Review of Research Involving Vulnerable Participants
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  12. L&S Certificate Programs Information
  13. Children as research participants: Assent and Consent
  14. Health Sciences IRBs Protocol Exceptions and Deviations Guidance
  15. ASA Document 157. Annual Report to the Faculty Senate & Academic Staff Assembly on Minority Faculty and Staff Hiring
  16. ASA Document 139. The Madison Commitment: A Reaffirmation of University Goals for Minority Programs
  17. Minors
  18. Precollege & Youth Programs Third Party Vendor Minimal Compliance Requirements
  19. What should I consider before conducting research with vulnerable populations?