1. Help Desk - Deactivation Timeline for Office 365, G Suite, Box, Qualtrics, and Zoom
  2. Cisco VoIP Request Forms
  3. Leaving the University of Wisconsin-Madison
  4. Former Employees - Access to Earning/Leave/Tax/Benefit Statements
  5. UW-Madison Box - Preserve your data
  6. Adjusting Savings Management Service in HRS
  7. Benefits Administration Process in HRS
  8. List of Benefit Events Used in HRS
  9. Provisional UW–Madison Online Collaboration Session Recording Policy (eff. March 16, 2020)
  10. UW-Madison - IT - Compliance Agreement
  11. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g - Fulfilling a Request for Information
  12. Oracle Identity Manager (OIM) 11g - Returning a request for additional information
  13. AEFIS - Eval Survey Schedule - Best Practices for Survey Schedule Titles (Admin)
  14. Safer Badgers - Testing Eligibility and Information
  15. UW-Madison Box - Manage account storage usage
  16. UW-Madison Box - Quota notifications
  17. COVID-19 Workplace Safety Policy
  18. CloudFax - Error Messages
  19. Term Withdrawal FAQ
  20. Kaltura - Forms for requesting bulk changes to Kaltura media (UW-Madison)
  21. Submitting Requests for a Mass Job Update in HRS
  22. Funding and Direct Retro Security by Campus in HRS
  23. Understanding the Custom Fringe Distribution Process in HRS
  24. Office 365 - Reduced access to services due to an affiliation change
  25. Office 365 - Recover deleted items
  26. Updating the UW Benefits Tab on Job Data in HRS
  27. OAR Reports - WED and Queries in HRS
  28. Running the Ripple Process in HRS
  29. UW-Madison - IT - Non-UW-Madison Applications and Services Guidelines
  30. UW-Madison - IT - UDS Responsible Use Policy
  31. UW-Madison - IT - Restricted Data Security Management Policy
  32. UW-Madison - IT - Media and Device Disposal and Reuse Policy
  33. L&S Emeritus Status
  34. Ways to Earn Credit at UW-Madison
  35. Reviewing Mandatory Employee Training in HRS
  36. Running the Percent Reduction Query in HRS
  37. Bucky Backup - Policy Domains and Management Classes
  38. L&S Honorific Professorial Titles
  39. Canvas - Overview (UW-Madison)
  40. Office 365 (Outlook on the web) - Retention policies in Outlook on the web
  41. Submitting Requests for a Mass Funding Update in HRS
  42. Blackboard Collaborate Original Retirement
  43. Updating FLSA Threshold Exemption Field in HRS
  44. Analyzing the FLSA Exempt Compliance Report in HRS
  45. Managing the Electronic P-File Deletion Requests in HRS
  46. Adding a Preferred Name Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  47. Printing Earnings Statement in HRS
  48. Running the Additional Pay Queries in HRS
  49. Modifying Images and Tables in Job Posting in TAM
  50. Running the Additional Pay Mass Upload Process in HRS
  51. Creating the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee Missing Leave Report Automated Emails in HRS
  52. List of Reports and Queries in HRS
  53. Security Secure Data Handling Practices
  54. Forwarding Job Openings to HigherEdJobs.com
  55. Managing the Time and Absence MSS Dashboard in HRS
  56. Viewing and Printing Application Attachment Features in TAM
  57. Running the Paycheck Modeler in HRS
  58. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the COBRA Continuation Notice Process
  59. Running the Populate Eligibility Config Pop Process Ad Hoc in HRS
  60. Benefit Program Assignment Job Aid for HRS
  61. General Deduction Codes Job Aid for HRS
  62. Looking up Prior WRS Service in ETF One
  63. Reviewing the Deduction Prepay Balance Review Page in HRS
  64. Adjusting the ALRA Counter in HRS
  65. Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid in HRS
  66. Running the Direct Retro Funding Distribution Audit Report in HRS
  67. Reviewing Benefit Arrears Balances in HRS
  68. Submitting an Off-Cycle Missed Payroll Request (Biweekly) in HRS
  69. Running the Benefit Arrears Balance Query in HRS
  70. Adding a Person of Interest (POI) Relationship in HRS
  71. Approving, Returning, and Rejecting an Off-Cycle Missed Payroll Request in HRS
  72. Submitting an Off-Cycle Missed Payroll Request (Monthly) in HRS
  73. Process Indicators and Event Process Statuses in HRS
  74. Running Benefit Retro Queries in HRS
  75. Reviewing Retro Benefits in HRS
  76. Running a Query to Identify Employees with Payroll Default Funding (PRDFLT) in HRS
  77. Managing the Individual Retroactive Payroll Process (Payroll Coordinators) in HRS
  78. Running the Federal Employee Retirement Contributions Query in HRS
  79. Overview of Benefits Eligibility Fields in HRS
  80. Entering Health Benefits Data in HRS
  81. Adding Termination Rows on JOB Data in HRS
  82. Review Paycheck Benefits Deductions Job Aid for HRS
  83. Entering Job Overloads in HRS
  84. Using Timesheet View By for Midperiod Hires and Transfers in HRS
  85. Retention of IRB Records
  86. Help Desk (Departing Faculty/Staff) - Steps to take before losing access to Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics
  87. Initial Recruitment Contact and Screening Guidance
  88. UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Requesting a Digital Certificate
  89. Spirion (Identity Finder) - How to Save and Retrieve the Results of a Scan
  90. Windows Vista - Application Compatibility Issues
  91. AWS - Requesting an existing AWS Account be transferred to the UW-Madison contract
  92. Office 365 - What should I expect when I am no longer a Faculty, Staff, or Student?
  93. Certificates - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)*
  94. Dropping a Course After Deadline for L&S Students
  95. Kaltura Capture - Troubleshooting strategies
  96. Pre-Posting Allocation Tool (PAT) - No MDS invoices returned
  97. Office 365 - Your subscription has expired
  98. Office 365 - What version of Microsoft Office is affected by a license change?
  99. Office 365 - OneDrive retiring support for Mac OS X 10.10 and 10.11
  100. Office 365 - Preserving organizational data due to a position change or retirement
  101. Office 365 - How will a license change impact the Office 365 license I purchased from the DoIT Tech Store?
  102. Office 365 - Content Backup, Restore, Archiving, Retention, eDiscovery, and Transfer
  103. Office 365 - Handling Departmental Email Addresses and Messages for New and Departing Employees (Departmental IT)
  104. Office 365 - Backup OneDrive for Business data
  105. L&S Rehired Annuitant Appointments
  106. Cisco VoIP - Configuring a newly purchased telephone
  107. Office 365 (Thunderbird) - Modify Delivery Options
  108. iOS (iPod) - Troubleshooting problems with an iPod
  109. Internet Explorer (Win) - Returning to a Previous Version After Upgrading
  110. Microsoft Office for UW-Owned and Personally-Owned Computers at UW-Madison
  111. University Staff Grievances Policy
  112. Help Desk (Retiree with IT Services) - Steps to take before your access to Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics changes
  113. GCP - Google Cloud Platform Pricing
  114. ASA Document 338. Resolution to honor UW System President Katharin Lyall upon her retirement
  115. ASA Document 198. Report of the Committee on Retired Faculty & Staff
  116. ASA Document 026. Recommendations for Changes in Retirement Legislation, 2-21-89
  117. Azure - Pricing
  118. Booting to the Boot Menu and BIOS
  119. MFA-Duo - Who is Eligible to use UW-Madison Multi-factor Authentication?
  120. Dropping a Course at UW-Madison
  121. L&S Retrocredit Requirements and Information
  122. Personnel Records: Content and Preservation
  123. NetID - Eligibility Policy
  124. Emeritus Status in the CoE
  125. UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Restoring My Certificate
  126. UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Manually Indicating the Location of a Certificate Store (Windows)
  127. UW Digital ID (One-Time Password) - Transferring / Terminating Employees
  128. MFA-Duo - What do I do if I am transferring or leaving UW-Madison? (Employee)
  129. Returning Adult and Nontraditional Student Scholarship Application Tips and Information
  130. IRB Guidance: Post Project Procedures & Data Retention
  131. Application Type Guidance
  132. I have samples/images/data that I want to use in a research study. When do I need IRB review?
  133. KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Transfer Ownership of One or Multiple Documents
  134. Qualtrics Survey Hosting - Preserving your data
  135. Employee Personnel Files
  136. KB User's Guide - Document Tab - Redirect a document via the See Also field
  137. UW-Madison Policy for Retaining Records & Grades
  138. L&S (UW-Madison) Undergraduate Classification & Class Standing
  139. Retaking a Course at UW-Madison
  140. WiscIT - Assign an Incident to the DoIT Help Desk
  141. e-Reimbursement - Issues With Deactivated Expense Types [Approvers]
  142. Help Desk - Deactivation Notifications for Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics
  143. EAD Retention and Climate Tools
  144. Resignations and Retirement
  145. Interactive Reporting - Query Library Retirement Set for March 1st (2019)
  146. UW System - Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources
  147. Other Policies & Guidance
  148. Help Desk (Retiree without IT Services) - Steps to take before losing access to Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics
  149. Completing Health Care Records Review Only applications in ARROW
  150. e-Reimbursement - Issues With Deactivated Expense Types [Travelers]
  151. e-Reimbursement - Expense Report may require approval multiple times
  152. e-Reimbursement - Edits return funding errors for valid funding
  153. KB User's Guide - Documents Tab - Delete a Template
  154. ASA Document 672. Resolution to Retain the Distinguished Prefix as Part of the New Titling System
  155. Bucky Backup - How to Make Changes to the Type of Schedule or Other Backup-related Settings
  156. Bucky Backup - How to retrieve archives from TSM
  157. What type of application do I need to submit to use samples/images/data for research purposes?
  158. Microsoft Word (Win) - Displaying and Hiding Format Characters
  159. E-commerce - Pink Background on Some of the Orders on the Get Orders Page
  160. UW-Madison - IT - NetID Appropriate Use Standards
  161. UW-Madison - IT - Top Policies for all faculty, staff, students, and visitors
  162. UW-Madison - IT - Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  163. UW-Madison - IT - Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)