1. KB User's Guide - API - Available APIs
  2. Article: Blood Samples Raise Questions of Privacy
  3. What type of application do I need to submit to use samples/images/data for research purposes?
  4. I have samples/images/data that I want to use in a research study. When do I need IRB review?
  5. What if samples/images/data are coming from an outside source?
  6. IRB Member Checklist: Protocol Applications that Include Genetic Testing
  7. Completing the Privacy and Confidentiality Section
  8. Sending or Receiving Specimens/Data/Images Guidance
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  10. Guidance for Completing IRB Applications for Recruitment Registries or Repositories that Store Data and/or Tissue
  11. What if my new COVID-19 study involves collecting and/or analyzing biospecimens?
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  13. Engagement in Human Participants Research at UW–Madison
  14. What are Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and when do I need one?