1. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - New User Self-Enrollment and Access
  2. Former Employees - Access to Earning/Leave/Tax/Benefit Statements
  3. Frequently Asked Questions for Employees Using Self Service During the Annual Benefits Enrollment Period in HRS
  4. Account Self-Linking - Generate a Linking Key
  5. Adding a Preferred Name Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  6. Viewing Self Service Confirmation Statements in HRS
  7. Canvas - Known Issue - Self Sign-Up Groups and Assignments
  8. Account Self-Linking - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  9. Template - Self Study*
  10. Departmental Support - Self-Service Options [Campus login required]
  11. Account Self-Linking - Requesting Access
  12. Changing Ethnic Groups Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  13. Using Self Service for the Annual Benefit Enrollment Period in HRS
  14. Account Self-Linking - How to Connect Your Accounts
  15. Certificates - Self-Study Template*
  16. Template - Self Study Charge Memo*
  17. Cisco VoIP - Self Care Portal
  18. Guidance Regarding Self-Experimentation of Researchers as Study Subjects
  19. Cisco VoIP - Personal directories for Cisco phone in the Self Care Portal
  20. IRB QI/Program Evaluation Self-Certification Tool Guidance
  21. Running the New Hire Self Service Reports in HRS
  22. Processing the Self Service Pending WED Report in HRS
  23. Quality Improvement/Program Evaluation Self-Certification Tool
  24. DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - New User Self-Enrollment and Access
  25. Updating Other Health Insurance Information Using Self Service in HRS
  26. Reviewing the Benefits Summary Using Self Service in HRS
  27. Viewing and Updating Dependent Information Using Self Service in HRS
  28. Qualys VM - Vulnerability Management Self-Paced Training Registration [Campus login required]
  29. Qualys WAS - Web Application Scanning Self-Paced Training Registration [Campus login required]
  30. Employee and Manager Self Service for Hours Worked and Leave Time Taken Reporting
  31. HTML Self-Help
  32. Updating Veteran Status Using Employee Self Service Via My UW Portal
  33. Cisco VoIP - Call forwarding in self care portal
  34. Cisco VoIP - Change voicemail notifications in Self Care Portal
  35. FileMaker Pro Self-Help
  36. Cisco VoIP - Change ring settings in Self Care Portal
  37. Changing Marital Status Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  38. Changing an Address Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  39. Updating Release Home Information Indicator Using Employee Self Service in My UW Portal
  40. Changing Phone Numbers and Email Addresses Using Self Service in HRS
  41. Updating Disability Status Using Employee Self Service Using My UW Portal
  42. EndNote Self-Help
  43. Cisco VoIP - Setting speed dials on your telephone in the Self Care Portal
  44. Adobe Products Self-Help
  45. Linux Self-Help
  46. DreamWeaver Self-Help
  47. Home Networking Self-Help
  48. Changing Emergency Contacts Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  49. Burning ISO Images to CD Self Help
  50. WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Self Service Plugin Activation / Deactivation
  51. Ad-Aware Self-Help
  52. Managing Performance Management Documents (HR Admin) in HRS
  53. Cisco VoIP - Glossary of Common Terms
  54. Post-Approval Monitoring Program
  55. Canvas - FAQs for Non-Credit Courses
  56. Selected Resources that Support Program Review*
  57. HS IRBs News February 2020
  58. Automatic Performance Management Email Notifications in HRS
  59. Adding Disability and Veterans Information in HRS
  60. Adding Regional (Race/Ethnicity) Information in HRS
  61. Performance Management Queries in HRS
  62. WiscIT - Using HelpOnline to create a ticket, log a call, add notes to a call, and review past calls
  63. Reprocessing the Open Enrollment (OE) Event in HRS
  64. Help Online - Request Help or Network Services
  65. L&S Academic Program Review - Guidelines in Effect October 2011 to December 2015
  66. Reviewing and Approving Time and Absence Exceptions in HRS
  67. Checking Benefit, Payroll, and Timecard Information Through MyUW Portal (UW-Madison Only)
  68. Symantec Endpoint Protection (Win) - Determining If Your Client is Managed vs. Unmanaged
  69. Absence Processing Overview for Bi-Weekly Employees in HRS
  70. Performance Management Reporting in HRS
  71. Transcript - Tracking Your Official Transcript Order
  72. UW-System Travel Airfare Policy
  73. NetID - Account Utilities
  74. MFA-Duo - How to Enroll for MFA Duo for your NetID Login Account
  75. UWNet - Register a Device Without a Browser or Pre-registering a Device Before Arriving to Campus
  76. Kaltura - Webcam Recording in Canvas
  77. Student Center - Navigating in Student Center
  78. L&S Community Support: Information for Helping a Student Who Seems to be in Distress
  79. UW-Madison G Suite - Subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Google Group
  80. Pushing Back an Absence Request (Manager) in HRS
  81. Effort Reporting: What to Do When a Certifier Leaves UW [Campus login required]
  82. NetID Account Recovery (Password Reset)
  83. MFA-Duo - Request a Temporary Passcode
  84. LinkedIn Learning (formerly Lynda.com) - Frequently Asked Questions
  85. Java - Adding Sites to Exceptions List
  86. Spybot - Search and Destroy - Detecting and Removing Spyware
  87. Canvas - How to Use Your Laptop or Desktop Computer to Get Video Into a Canvas Discussion Reply (UW-Madison)
  88. Kaltura - Options for Recording Video of Yourself (UW-Madison)
  89. Canvas - Responding with Video in a Discussion (UW-Madison)
  90. Kaltura - How to Upload Videos to MediaSpace using Your Phone (UW-Madison)
  91. Canvas - How to Use Your Android or iPhone to Get Video Into a Discussion Reply (UW-Madison)
  92. Virus - HouseCall's Free Online Virus Scan