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1L&S Senate Agenda21759L&S KB2024-03-118227
2Faculty Senate Meeting Information, September 2016 to Present92716UW Secretary of the Faculty2024-03-218294
3L&S Senate - Archive21768L&S KB2024-03-119297
4Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-11-06133274UW Secretary of the Faculty2024-02-29296
5Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-05-02121803UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07723
6Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-11-07122897UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07677
7Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-05-01132093UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07338
8Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-10-03122370UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07602
9Faculty Senate Minutes 2022-12-05123921UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07713
10Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-04-03127591UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07576
11Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-10-02132590UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07438
12Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-03-06127074UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07606
13Faculty Senate Minutes 2023-02-06124660UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-07666
14Faculty Senate Minutes 2016-11-0769236UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073551
15Faculty Senate Minutes 2016-02-0160123UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073608
16Faculty Senate Minutes 2010-05-0353902UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073155
17Faculty Senate Minutes 2013-11-0452864UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072827
18Faculty Senate Minutes 2013-10-0752865UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072827
19Faculty Senate Minutes 2015-04-0652645UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-072913
20Faculty Senate Minutes 2014-02-0352858UW Secretary of the Faculty2023-12-073090
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