1. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - OneNote
  2. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - Your Personal Learning Environment
  3. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - Home
  4. CloudFax - Migration steps
  5. CloudFax - Getting Started
  6. iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch) - How to find the version of iOS used on a device
  7. Canvas - Overview (UW-Madison)
  8. WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Form Not Sending
  9. Equity and Inclusion in Remote Environments: Relationship
  10. Communicating with Sections and Individuals in Large Courses
  11. General Student Services Fund Direct Payment Form
  12. Engaging and Measuring Student Knowledge With Video Content
  13. Developing Video Content for Students
  14. General Student Services Fund Determining Cost for Expenses
  15. Keeping Students Informed & Engaged
  16. Practicing Compassion with Course Workload
  17. Gathering Feedback from Students
  18. Student Introductions - Description
  19. Think/Pair/Share (Remote Instruction)
  20. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Breakout Rooms in Classrooms
  21. Adding Video To Canvas Announcements Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)
  22. Adding Video to Canvas Discussions Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)
  23. Adding Video to Comments in Canvas SpeedGrader
  24. Creating Instructor Response Videos
  25. Creating Course/Unit Introduction Videos
  26. Creating Student Feedback Videos
  27. UW-Madison G Suite - Subscribe to or unsubscribe from a Google Group
  28. Kaltura - Frequently Asked Questions (UW-Madison)
  29. UW-Madision Enterprise Box for HIPAA data [Campus login required]
  30. VA Research - Overview
  31. SIS - Combined Sections
  32. Control of Test Articles Used in Research Policy
  33. Review of FDA-Regulated Research Policy
  34. Emergency Use of Test Articles and of Humanitarian Use Devices Policy
  35. Help Desk - DoIT Repair Departmental Repairs or Referrals for Personal Repairs
  36. Humanitarian Use Device Policy
  37. VA Research: Policy for IRB Review of Human Subjects Research that Falls Under VA Purview
  38. Room Characteristic Codes and Descriptions
  39. 25Live Pro: Accessing 25Live Pro
  40. UW Madison Enterprise Box Service Terms of Use
  41. Adding Approvers and Reviewers to Job Openings and Job Offers in TAM
  42. Review of Time Administration in HRS
  43. Reconciling Daylight Saving Time With Payable Time in HRS
  44. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Summer Appointments
  45. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS - Basic Navigation
  46. Export Resolution In PowerPoint
  47. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS-HR - Basic Navigation
  48. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS-HR - Copying Transactions
  49. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Introduction to System
  50. Running the Percent Reduction Query in HRS
  51. Performance Management Queries in HRS
  52. Running the Smoothing and TRC Code Query in HRS
  53. Requesting an Adjustment Using the UW Term Paysheet Request Page in HRS
  54. Running the Furlough/Temporary Workforce Reduction (TWR) Queries in HRS
  55. Using the Electronic File Feature in HRS
  56. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Performance Management in HRS
  57. OAR Reports - WED and Queries in HRS
  58. Adding a Preferred Name Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  59. Reviewing Mandatory Employee Training in HRS
  60. Managing the Electronic P-File Deletion Requests in HRS
  61. Running the Mass Job Update Process in HRS
  62. Analyzing the FLSA Exempt Compliance Report in HRS
  63. Updating FLSA Threshold Exemption Field in HRS
  64. Modifying Images and Tables in Job Posting in TAM
  65. Performance Management Reporting in HRS
  66. Running the Future Vacancies Query in TAM
  67. Automatic Performance Management Email Notifications in HRS
  68. Reviewing the Benefits Billing Delinquency Report in HRS
  69. Finance Report List in HRS
  70. Creating the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee Missing Leave Report Automated Emails in HRS
  71. Managing the Time and Absence MSS Dashboard in HRS
  72. Managing Performance Management Documents (HR Admin) in HRS
  73. Running the REPORTS TO Report in HRS
  74. Annual Short Work Break Processing in HRS
  75. Recovering an Applicant User Name and Password in TAM
  76. Entering Time Using a Punch Hourly Integrated Timesheet in HRS
  77. Viewing Foreign National Data in Glacier
  78. Elapsed Hourly Integrated Timesheets in HRS
  79. Processing the HSA Annual Election Above Limit WED Report in HRS
  80. Processing a Death Claim in HRS
  81. Running the Mass Funding Update in HRS
  82. Completing Employee Setup for Summer Prepay in HRS
  83. Entering Organizational Department Additions and Changes in HRS
  84. Viewing and Updating Dependent Information Using Self Service in HRS
  85. Running the Additional Pay Queries in HRS
  86. Forwarding Job Openings to HigherEdJobs.com
  87. Printing Earnings Statement in HRS
  88. Security Secure Data Handling Practices
  89. Administering the National Medical Support Notice & Badgercare
  90. Utilizing Approvals Tile
  91. Running the Additional Pay Mass Upload Process in HRS
  92. Focus Pay Card in HRS
  93. Creating Individual Performance Management Documents in HRS
  94. Running the Paycheck Modeler in HRS
  95. Compensation Administration Tool 1.3 Transfer Business Process in CAT
  96. Coding Insurance Applications for Entry in HRS
  97. Requesting Benefits Billing Refunds in HRS
  98. Entering Deceased Employee Payroll Data in HRS
  99. Time and Labor WED Reports in HRS
  100. My.Wisconsin.Edu Portal Access
  101. Processing the Health Savings Account and Coordination of Benefits WED Report in HRS
  102. Setting Up Benefits Billing Manual Charges in HRS
  103. Compensation Administrative Tool 1.2 Terminations Business Process in CAT
  104. Bi-weekly Legal Holiday Process in HRS
  105. Running the Affordable Care Act (ACA) Reports in HRS
  106. Fiscal Year End Considerations in HRS
  107. Viewing and Printing Application Attachment Features in TAM
  108. Maintaining Encumbrances - Balance Not Correct or Doesn't Exist in HRS
  109. Processing the Leave of Absence (LOA) WED Report in HRS
  110. Running the IPS Upload to Additional Adjustments Pages (AAP) for CAT
  111. Completing Simple Encumbrance Maintenance - Close out in HRS
  112. Creating and Evaluating Open Ended Questions in TAM
  113. Public Service Loan Forgiveness Verification Process
  114. Entering Backup Zero Dollar Jobs in HRS
  115. Updating Other Health Insurance Information Using Self Service in HRS
  116. Requesting Legal Settlements for Wages and Non-Wages in HRS
  117. Processing the Self Service Pending WED Report in HRS
  118. Compensation Administration Tool 1.1 New Hires Business Process in CAT
  119. Assigning Job Opening Categories in TAM
  120. Running the Custom Fringe Distribution Process in HRS
  121. How to Add or Edit Teams for use on the Assignments page in TAM
  122. Viewing Self Service Confirmation Statements in HRS
  123. Refunding Benefits Using an Off-Cycle Payroll in HRS
  124. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the COBRA Continuation Notice Process
  125. Processing the Enrolled in FSA Medical and HSA Report in HRS
  126. Processing the HSA and Medicare Information WED Report in HRS
  127. Running the Under Min / Over Max Report in CAT
  128. Compensation Administration Tool (CAT) 1.0 End to End Business Process
  129. Running the Audit Log Report in CAT
  130. Funding Edit Errors Pagelet in HRS
  131. Viewing the Summary Reporting Page in CAT
  132. Running the HRS to CAT Compare Report in CAT
  133. Running the Record Errors Report in CAT
  134. Adding a Preferred Name in HRS
  135. Running the BSUM [3270] in CAT
  136. Enrolling, Changing, or Canceling Coverage Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  137. Security Roles Overview for CAT
  138. Processing the University Staff ICI Annual Sick Leave Swap Report (2019)
  139. Institutional Planning Spreadsheet in CAT
  140. Running the Funding Editing Report in HRS
  141. Running the Missing From CAT Report
  142. Running the Position Report in CAT
  143. Reprocessing Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  144. Running the HRS Change Report in CAT
  145. Processing the WED SOD Reports in HRS
  146. Viewing and Modifying Screening Questions in TAM
  147. Running the Populate Eligibility Config Pop Process Ad Hoc in HRS
  148. Compensation Administrative Tool and Additional Adjustments Pages in CAT
  149. Running the Absence Event Report in HRS
  150. Creating Rules and Folders for Storing OIM Email in Office 365
  151. Updating the UW Benefits Tab on Job Data in HRS
  152. Running the IPS Upload to CAT (Append) and Additional Adjustments Page
  153. Benefits Administration Process in HRS
  154. Benefit Program Assignment Job Aid for HRS
  155. Reviewing the WRS Lookback Process in HRS
  156. Frequently Asked Questions for Employees Using Self Service During the Annual Benefits Enrollment Period in HRS
  157. UPS Voluntary Reassignment Process (Univ Staff to Academic Staff/Limited) in HRS
  158. Running the Initialization Report for CAT
  159. Catastrophic Leave Processing in HRS
  160. Entering a Transfer from University Staff to Academic Staff / Limited to HRS
  161. Running the Institutional Planning Spreadsheet to CAT [Edit and Overwrite]
  162. Processing the Missing Default Schedule Report (Academic Staff) in HRS
  163. Reviewing the Health Opt-Out Incentive Business Process in HRS
  164. Recruiting Home Page in TAM
  165. Review of the Flex Spending Account/Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account New Hire Enrollment Process in HRS
  166. General Deduction Codes Job Aid for HRS
  167. Running the Terminated Employee Report in HRS
  168. Processing an ICI Event for Deferred Enrollment in HRS
  169. Notifying Connect Your Care of UW Transfer To/From a State Agency
  170. Running the Comp Time Leave Balance Report in HRS
  171. Rounding of Reported Time to Payable Time in HRS
  172. Running the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee Sick Leave Reduction Report in HRS
  173. Looking up Prior WRS Service in ETF One
  174. Running the WRS Rehired Annuitant Lookback Report in HRS
  175. Notifying Connect Your Care of UW Transfer To/From Another State Agency
  176. Review of the ICI Notification Process in HRS
  177. Processing UW FSA and LPFSA Qualifying Events in HRS
  178. Entering New Hire HSA and HDHP Enrollments in HRS
  179. Plan Types, Benefit Plans, and Payroll Deductions Job Aid in HRS
  180. Adjusting the ALRA Counter in HRS
  181. Processing the WED Missing Business Addresses Report in HRS
  182. Resolving Funding Error Issues in HRS
  183. Reviewing the Deduction Prepay Balance Review Page in HRS
  184. Cypress Reporting Access and ASG Cypress software instructions
  185. Processing the Income Continuation Insurance Co-Elect Enrollment WED Report in HRS
  186. Processing the WED Overmax Undermin Report in HRS
  187. Running the Negative Allocated Balance Report in HRS
  188. Running the Benefit Arrears Balance Query in HRS
  189. Processing the WED New Hire Hold Report in HRS
  190. Deduction Prepay Process (Part II: Disburse Money for Insurance During Leave) in HRS
  191. Running the Banked Leave Annual Eligibility/Election Summary Report in HRS
  192. Processing the WED Missing Adjusted Continuous Service Date Report in HRS
  193. Restoration of Worker's Comp for University Staff in HRS
  194. Deduction Prepay Process (Part I: Deduct Money for Insurance in Anticipation of a Leave) in HRS
  195. Submitting an Off-Cycle Missed Payroll Request (Biweekly) in HRS
  196. Processing the Missing SSNHR - WED - UW_HR_MISSING_SSN
  197. Running the ALRA Eligibility/Election Summary Report in HRS
  198. Running the Direct Retro Funding Distribution Audit Report in HRS
  199. Processing the Worker's Compensation Report in HRS
  200. Running the Faculty, Academic Staff, Limited Appointee ("Unclassified") Leave Report in HRS
  201. Processing the Age 26 Dependent COBRA Continuation Notification Process in HRS
  202. Running the Address Cleansing Exception Report in HRS
  203. Reviewing Benefit Arrears Balances in HRS
  204. Requesting a Sabbatical Repayment in HRS
  205. Funding Checklist and Timelines in HRS
  206. Process the WED Missing or Incorrect Date of Birth Report in HRS
  207. The Workflow Exception Dashboard in HRS
  208. Processing the WED Missing Home Addresses Report in HRS
  209. Absence Management Checklist of Reports in HRS
  210. Running the UW Frozen Snapshot of Employee Data View in EPM
  211. Pay Group Descriptions in HRS
  212. Viewing UW Multiple Jobs Summary for an Employee in HRS
  213. Processing the WED Job Code with Incorrect Pay Basis Report in HRS
  214. Benefits Administration Schedule Summary in HRS
  215. Running the Leave Balance Report in HRS
  216. Viewing the UW Benefits Payline Adjustment Page In HRS
  217. Changing or Editing the Posting Title in TAM
  218. Running the Pay Progression Report in HRS
  219. Using the Person Assignment Checklist to record Criminal Background Check, Position of Trust and Sexual Harassment Reference Check in HRS
  220. Troubleshooting Job Posting Not Showing in TAM
  221. Adding or Changing Appointment Level Funding for Employee's Salary Expense in HRS
  222. Running the New Hire Self Service Reports in HRS
  223. Rebuilding Benefits Primary Job Flags in HRS
  224. Campus Codes Used in Location / Appointing Department / Academic or Summer Pay Groups in HRS
  225. Salary Funding Lifecycle for Payroll Processing in HRS
  226. Running Payline Details and PSHUP Load Report in HRS
  227. Creating a Benefits Payline Adjustment in HRS
  228. Entering a General Deduction Payline Adjustment on the UW Payline Adjustment Page in HRS
  229. Running the Job Group Analysis Report in TAM
  230. Processing Check Corrections in HRS
  231. Running Payline Details Report in HRS
  232. Running the Detailed Salary Funding Plan Report in HRS
  233. Entering an Earnings Payline Adjustment on the UW Payline Adjustment Page in HRS
  234. Searching for a Person using Social Security Number in HRS
  235. Running the Employee Funding Becoming Inactive Report in HRS
  236. Correcting Employee Hired but did not Start Misentry in HRS
  237. Initiating the Security Awareness Course in HRS
  238. Running the Student Help Payroll Inactivity Recap Report in HRS
  239. The Compensation Tab in HRS
  240. Adding or Changing Position Level Funding for Employee Salary Expenses in HRS
  241. Hire/Rehire End-to-End Business Process in HRS
  242. Submitting an Off-Cycle Missed Payroll Request (Monthly) in HRS
  243. Viewing Funding Edit Errors in HRS
  244. Adding a Person of Interest (POI) Relationship in HRS
  245. Approving, Returning, and Rejecting an Off-Cycle Missed Payroll Request in HRS
  246. Approving and Denying a Job Opening or Extending or Denying a Job Offer in TAM
  247. Entering Department Chair Jobs in HRS
  248. Modifying an Applicant's Information in TAM
  249. Canceling a Job Opening (i.e. Failed Recruitment) in TAM
  250. Process Indicators and Event Process Statuses in HRS
  251. List of Benefit Schedules in HRS
  252. How to Apply for a Job On-line (Internal Applicant/Current UW employee) Using TAM
  253. Processing ACH Reversals and Stop Check Payments in HRS
  254. Running the Review Paycheck Query in HRS
  255. Salary Funding Levels Assigned During Payroll Processing in HRS
  256. Posting the Intent to File a Labor Certification in TAM
  257. The On-Cycle Payroll Calculation and Confirmation Processes in HRS
  258. Payroll Earnings Code Descriptions in HRS
  259. Reviewing the Payroll Error Messages Report in HRS
  260. Adding or Changing Department Level Funding for an Organizational Department in HRS
  261. Frequently Asked Question Resource for Applicants applying via the Candidate Gateway
  262. Running the Vacant Position Report in HRS
  263. Viewing and Modifying Application and Applicant Data in TAM
  264. Reviewing Applicant Screenings in TAM
  265. Reprocessing the Open Enrollment (OE) Event in HRS
  266. Setting up Favorites in HRS
  267. Manual Process for Security Provisioning Hiring Manager and TA Coordinators in TAM
  268. Viewing Payline Adjustments in HRS
  269. Running Benefit Retro Queries in HRS
  270. Applying an Existing Applicant to a Job Opening in TAM
  271. Processing the Income Continuation Insurance Missing Enrollment WED Report in HRS
  272. TAM Report List
  273. Reviewing FA/AS/LI Employees Missing Leave Reports in HRS
  274. Running the No Appointment Level Funding Report in HRS
  275. Running the Missing Payroll Report in HRS
  276. Using Self Service for the Annual Benefit Enrollment Period in HRS
  277. Updating Internet Settings to Allow Opening of Attachments and File Downloads to 'Generate' Letter Templates for TAM
  278. Running the Employee Process Status Report in HRS
  279. Running the Financial Aid Regulatory Report in HRS
  280. Running the Non-ACH Employee Report in HRS
  281. Managing Applicant Lists in TAM
  282. Adding Notes, Attachments, and Expenses to Job Openings in TAM
  283. Searching for Job Opening or By Application in TAM
  284. Entering and Reviewing University Staff Annual Leave Conversion Processing (Payroll Coordinator) in HRS
  285. Requesting Adult Child Disability Approval
  286. Sending Interview Evaluation Reminders in TAM
  287. Forwarding Applicant(s) in HRS
  288. Reviewing Applicant Interview Schedules and Evaluations in TAM
  289. Approving a Job Offer in TAM
  290. Sending Correspondence Email or Letter to Applicant in TAM
  291. Entering Applicant Expenses in TAM
  292. Managing Contact Notes and Attachments for an Applicant in TAM
  293. Reviewing Interview Calendars in TAM
  294. Creating Applicant Checklists in HRS
  295. Hiring a TAM Applicant from Manage Hires in HRS
  296. Running the Active Position History Report in HRS
  297. Approving Job Opening(s) in TAM
  298. Making the Final Recommendations on an Applicant in TAM
  299. Running the Employees on Leave of Absence Without Pay Report in HRS
  300. Creatig a Job Offer and Post Online to Candidate Gateway
  301. Running the Paycheck by Plan Type Query in HRS
  302. Entering an Adjusted Continuous Service Date in HRS
  303. Completing an Interview Evaluation in TAM
  304. Running the Payroll Edit Report in HRS
  305. How to Apply for a Job On-line (External Applicant) Using TAM
  306. Adding an Applicant Manually into TAM
  307. Running the FTE Monitoring Report in HRS
  308. Scheduling an Applicant Interview in TAM
  309. Running the Deduction Prepay Paycheck Query in HRS
  310. Vacation Carryover Restriction/Exceptions (Payroll Coordinators) in HRS
  311. Running the Expected Job End Date (EJED) Query in HRS
  312. Creating Job Opening(s) in TAM
  313. Maintaining Employee Data - Emergency Contact Information in HRS
  314. Removing an Auto Lunch in HRS
  315. Viewing Absence Management Results by Calendar in HRS
  316. Cloning a Job Opening in TAM
  317. Managing Salary Advance Process in HRS
  318. Using Health Insurance Coverage Codes and Relationships in HRS
  319. Reviewing Retro Benefits in HRS
  320. Changing Working Title on Job Data in HRS
  321. Processing Payline Adjustment Requests in HRS
  322. Viewing the Payable Time Summary in HRS
  323. Rehiring a Student Help Employee in HRS
  324. Entering Craft Worker Vacation Elections in HRS
  325. Viewing the Payable Time Detail Page in HRS
  326. Absence Management Queries in HRS
  327. University Staff Leave Processing Process Map
  328. Changing Standard Hours (FTE) in HRS
  329. Searching For an Employee's Position Number From Job Info in HRS
  330. FTE to Standard Hours Conversion Table for HRS
  331. Negative Hours when Viewing Payable Time in HRS
  332. Viewing Employee Absence Balances (Manager) in HRS
  333. Designate Funding for Payroll Earnings Code Differently Than Regular Pay in HRS
  334. Verifying Employees You Are Authorized to Approve Time For in HRS
  335. Assigning a Badge ID in HRS
  336. Viewing Employee Job Data Records in HRS
  337. Adding an Employment Instance (Student Help) in HRS
  338. Entering and Updating Benefits Personal Data in HRS
  339. Overview of Enrollment Codes and Reasons Job Aid for HRS
  340. List of Benefit Events Used in HRS
  341. Reviewing the Benefit Program Assignment in HRS
  342. Denying an Absence Request (Manager/Payroll Coordinator) in HRS
  343. Modifying Person Data in HRS
  344. Updating the HR Primary Indicator in HRS
  345. Running the Audit Report in HRS
  346. Common Navigation Paths For Time and Labor in HRS
  347. Running the UW Probation Report in HRS
  348. Entering an Absence Take (Manager) in HRS
  349. Maintaining Person Data - Contact Information in HRS
  350. Updating Veteran Status Using Employee Self Service Via My UW Portal
  351. Navigation for Time and Labor in HRS
  352. Running the Employee Funding Summary Report in HRS
  353. Absence Processing Overview for Bi-Weekly Employees in HRS
  354. Running the Primary Job Audit Report in HRS
  355. Entering Foreign National and Applied for SSN or ITIN in HRS
  356. Process Payouts and Paybacks upon Termination or Transfer in HRS
  357. Updating Disability Status Using Employee Self Service Using My UW Portal
  358. Overriding Absence Take Rounding for Faculty/Academic Staff/Limited in HRS
  359. Pushing Back an Absence Request (Manager) in HRS
  360. Running the Position Empl Class Change Audit (Query Report) in HRS
  361. Running the Position Status Report in HRS
  362. Employee Search Options in HRS
  363. Troubleshooting the HR Warning Messages in HRS
  364. Running the FA/AS/LI Hourly FLSA Exempt Audit Report in HRS
  365. Running the Passport/Visa Exp Report (SQR Report) in HRS
  366. Managing Workstudy Awards in HRS
  367. Using the Student Template Hire in HRS
  368. Add a Person Job Aid for HRS
  369. Running the Federal Thrift Contributions Query in HRS
  370. Running the Position Exception or Override Report (SQR Report) in HRS
  371. Reviewing Absence Balances in HRS
  372. Running the University Staff Temporary (LTE) Hours Report in HRS
  373. Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Deduction Prepay in HRS
  374. Running the Funding Change Report in HRS
  375. Funding and Direct Retro Security by Campus in HRS
  376. Reviewing the HRS Edit Report Delivered via Cypress
  377. Running the Ripple Process in HRS
  378. HR - Summer Service & Summer Session Positions/Jobs
  379. Review of the Person Hub in HRS
  380. Entering Pay Rate Changes in HRS
  381. Managing the Individual Retroactive Payroll Process (Payroll Coordinators) in HRS
  382. Running the Department Setup Verification Report in HRS
  383. Corrections Job Aid for HRS
  384. Running the Federal Employee Life Insurance Contributions Query in HRS
  385. Entring Job Code Changes in HRS
  386. Viewing Earning Statements in HRS
  387. Running a Query to Identify Employees with Payroll Default Funding (PRDFLT) in HRS
  388. Approving an Absence (Manager) in HRS
  389. Entering a Leave of Absence Due to Workers Compensation in HRS
  390. Processing Compensatory Time Payout in HRS
  391. Running the Earnings Encumbrance Messages Report in HRS
  392. Adding an Employment Instance (Non-Madison) in HRS
  393. Entering a Faculty Sabbatical in HRS
  394. Customizing Modules, Content, and Layout in the MyUW System Portal
  395. Maintaining Workforce Data (Student Help) in HRS
  396. Resolving Error Messages on Funding Data Entry Page in HRS
  397. Adding a Student Help Person in HRS
  398. Running the Federal Employee Retirement Contributions Query in HRS
  399. Hiring Into a Job or Transfer (Student Help) in HRS
  400. Entering Additional Pay in HRS
  401. Overview of Benefits Eligibility Fields in HRS
  402. Creating and Maintaining Time and Labor Security in HRS
  403. Entering an Annual Benefits Base Rate (ABBR) in HRS
  404. Maintaining Employee General Deductions in HRS
  405. Maintaining Workforce - Transfers in HRS
  406. Review of the Nightly Encumbrance Process in HRS
  407. Changing Ethnic Groups Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  408. Entering a Leave of Absence (Unpaid, Paid, Partial, Intermittent) in HRS
  409. Maintaining Person Data - Biographical Details in HRS
  410. Adding Disability and Veterans Information in HRS
  411. Updating Release Home Information Indicator Using Employee Self Service in My UW Portal
  412. Continuity Status in HRS
  413. Changing Marital Status Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  414. Setting Up Direct Deposits in HRS
  415. Managing the Student Template Hire - HR Approval in HRS
  416. Adding Regional (Race/Ethnicity) Information in HRS
  417. Viewing the Work Study Job Extension Table in HRS
  418. Changing an Address Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  419. Changing Emergency Contacts Using Employee Self Service in HRS
  420. Hiring an Employee into a Job without a Position (Non-Madison) in HRS
  421. Maintaining Workforce - Seasonal Employees in HRS
  422. Adding Visa Data (Cross reference to International Tax) in HRS
  423. Benefits Coverage Codes Job Aid for HRS
  424. Reviewing an Employee's Paycheck in HRS
  425. Changing Phone Numbers and Email Addresses Using Self Service in HRS
  426. Submitting a File to the Inbound File Upload Page in HRS
  427. Entering a Probation Change (Extension) in HRS
  428. Assigning a Work Schedule (Payroll Coordinator) in HRS
  429. Reviewing the MSC Event Evaluation Report in HRS
  430. Adding Events to the BAS Activity Table in HRS
  431. Employee Probation Types in HRS
  432. Accessing a Timesheet (Employee & Manager) in HRS
  433. Processing the Savings Tax Class Audit WED Report in HRS
  434. Checking Benefit, Payroll, and Timecard Information Through MyUW Portal (UW-Madison Only)
  435. Time and Labor MSS Weekly Time Calendar in HRS
  436. Rehiring an Employee in HRS
  437. Entering Health Benefits Data in HRS
  438. HR Report List for HRS
  439. Managing Payroll Options in HRS
  440. Action/Action Reason Codes Used in HRS
  441. Hiring Employees Using a Position in HRS
  442. Setting Up Run Control IDs in HRS
  443. Processing the Limited Purpose Flex Spending Account No HDHP WED Report in HRS
  444. Adjusting Savings Management Service in HRS
  445. Time Reporting Codes in HRS
  446. Entering Contract Administration in HRS
  447. Running the Half Time Compliance Report in HRS
  448. Adding Termination Rows on JOB Data in HRS
  449. Logging into the My.Wisconsin.edu / My.Wisc.edu System Portal
  450. Correcting and Updating FLSA Status in HRS
  451. Viewing the Process Monitor in HRS
  452. Creating Custom MSS Time Management User Preferences in HRS
  453. Managing Position Data in HRS
  454. Processing the Savings Minimum WED Report in HRS
  455. Entering Person Profile Management in HRS
  456. Maintaining UW Relationships in HRS
  457. Printing a Manual Benefits Billing Invoice in HRS
  458. Adding or Removing a Dependent from Coverage using On-Demand in HRS
  459. Using Timesheet View By for Midperiod Hires and Transfers in HRS
  460. Review Paycheck Benefits Deductions Job Aid for HRS
  461. Entering Tenure Tracking in HRS
  462. Deleting and Voiding Events Using On Demand Event Maintenance in HRS
  463. Maintaining Employee Data - Death Record in HRS
  464. Comp Rate Frequency in HRS
  465. Running the Deduction Prepay Load Status Query in HRS
  466. Entering Job Overloads in HRS
  467. Maintaining the Expected Job End Date in HRS
  468. Processing the BAS Open Action Required Report in HRS
  469. Reviewing Benefits Billing Charges and Payments in HRS
  470. Entering or Changing Governance Tracking for Faculty Appointments in HRS
  471. Student Hire Process in HRS
  472. Processing the HSA no HDHP Enrollment WED Report in HRS
  473. Adding or Maintaining a Person of Interest (POI) in HRS
  474. Reprinting Benefits Billing Reprint Invoices in Cypress
  475. Entering Time When an Employee Works on a Legal Holiday in HRS
  476. Searching for Existing Person in HRS
  477. Approving Payable Time in HRS
  478. Entering Benefits Billing Enrollments in HRS
  479. Making Timesheet Adjustments in HRS
  480. Viewing Payable Time in HRS
  481. Employee Classifications (Empl Class) in HRS
  482. Processing the HDHP and no HSA WED Enrollment Report in HRS
  483. Adding a Person in HRS
  484. Reviewing the Benefits Summary Using Self Service in HRS
  485. Viewing the Current Benefit Summary in HRS
  486. Entering Compensatory Time Payout upon Termination in HRS
  487. UWMSN - JEMS CHRIS-HR - Searching for HR Transactions
  488. UWMSN - JEMS HIRE - Completing TREMS Recruitment
  489. Reviewing and Approving Time and Absence Exceptions in HRS
  490. Cisco AMP - Grant Full Disk Access MacOS 10.14 and up
  491. Sharing a Google Doc Template for Students in Classrooms
  492. Creating a Google Forms to Solicit Student Reflections in Classrooms
  493. Using Google Docs Chat Feature to Collaborate in Classrooms
  494. Using Top Hat Discussion Questions in Classrooms
  495. OS Compatibility Testing - Mac OS 11.0 (Big Sur)
  496. Policy and Guidance
  497. FDA Regulated Research Policies and Guidance
  498. Human Subjects Research Protection Program (HRPP) Policy Index
  499. Reporting of Suggestions and Concerns Regarding HRPP Performance and Function
  500. TP-Link Bluetooth AC1200 Wi-Fi Bluetooth 4.2 PCIe Adapter USB-F Port Cable
  501. SIS - Opening Multiple Stand Alone SIS Sessions
  502. Course Search & Enroll - Searching for Classes
  503. Madison Internet eXchange Peering Point - MadIX
  504. Qualys Cloud Agent - Self-Service Installation [Campus login required]
  505. Qualys - An Introduction to Qualys Cloud Platform for Vulnerability Management [Campus login required]
  506. Cellular Service Pricing
  507. BIO-ARROW - General Help - Single vs Group Entries
  508. Bio-ARROW - Troubleshooting - Locating Reviewer Notes
  509. Bio-ARROW - Troubleshooting - Addressing Smartform Errors
  510. Bio-ARROW - General Help - Look Up Training Records
  511. Engage - Ordering eTexts/publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) with the Order Tool
  512. Bio-ARROW - Getting Started - Paper To Online Conversion
  513. Using Zoom Breakout Rooms for Remote Instruction
  514. Case Studies (Remote Instruction)
  515. Using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Breakout Rooms for Remote Instruction
  516. Engage - Order Tool Overview
  517. Adding a Credit to a Non-Variable Credit Course
  518. University Committee Agendas and Minutes June 2017 to present
  519. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-11-16
  520. ECMS - Opening PDF (PDF/a) causes Perceptive Content client to crash
  521. 2021-2022 L&S Undergraduate Guide Revisions – deadlines and information
  522. How to report phishing emails to google
  523. ECMS - dll error when running Perceptive Content client
  524. Use of Human Fetal Tissue in Research
  525. Unanticipated Problems
  526. Suspension and Termination of Approved Research
  527. Study Closure
  528. Communications Committee Minutes 11-18-16
  529. SharePoint - Accessibility & Usability Information
  530. WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Customizations Policy
  531. Student Research
  532. Smartsheet - Frequently Asked Questions
  533. Single Institutional Review Board (IRB) for Multi-Site Federal Grants Policy
  534. Review of Data and Safety Monitoring in Research
  535. How to Enable Live Animated Reactions in Webex Meetings
  536. Review of Research Involving Vulnerable Participants
  537. WiscIT - Version 10 Testing
  538. Retention of IRB Records
  539. Research with Adult Participants Lacking Capacity to Consent
  540. Reporting of Suggestions and Concerns Regarding the Protection of Research Participants
  541. Academic Staff Assembly November 2020 Follow Up Materials
  542. Protecting Research Participants Privacy Interests and Confidentiality of Data
  543. Principal Investigator Status for UW–Madison Studies Involving Human Participants
  544. Noncompliance
  545. Obtaining and Documenting Informed Consent
  546. Monitoring the Consent Process
  547. Maintenance of IRB Records
  548. IRB Review of Study Resources
  549. IRB Reliance
  550. IRB Purview
  551. IRB Members’ Conflicts of Interest
  552. IRB Meetings
  553. IRB Meeting Minutes and Regulatory Documentation
  554. WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Using UW Box for Media
  555. Reporting to Institutional and External Authorities
  556. IRB Composition and Quality Performance
  557. WiscWeb - WordPress UW Theme - Accessibility Resources
  558. Institutional Official in Charge of HRPP
  559. Office 365 - Getting Started with Service Accounts
  560. UW-Madison Zoom - Getting Started with Service Accounts
  561. Functional Work Areas Chart for L&S Administration
  562. L&S Student Assistant Appointment Letter Templates
  563. Software Support Tools
  564. L&S Letter Templates for Short-Term Staff
  565. Initial Review: Submission and Review Policy
  566. HRPP Education and Training
  567. HRPP and IRB Resources
  568. Exempt Research
  569. Exceptions to Informed Consent Requirements in Emergency Situations
  570. Scientific, Scholarly, and Other Expertise Review Policy
  571. Engagement in Human Participants Research at UW–Madison
  572. Cross-Campus Human Research Protection Program (HRPP) Committee Charter
  573. Creation and Dissemination of Policies and Related Documentation
  574. Continuing Review: Submission and Review
  575. Canvas - Faculty Center Grade Prep Tool and Final Grade Preparation
  576. Conflicts of Interest of Non-UW-Madison Key Personnel
  577. Compliance with Human Research Protections in Sponsored Research
  578. Compliance Monitoring and Quality Improvement
  579. Changes in Research Activities: Submission and Review
  580. Application of Federalwide Assurance (FWA) Terms to UW-Madison Human Participants Research Policy
  581. Funeral/Bereavement Leave
  582. L&S University Staff Time Reporting
  583. Cisco AMP (macOS 10) - Resolving Faults
  584. Redirect: Inaccessible PDF Examples
  585. Campus IT Accessibility & Usability Information*
  586. Redirect: Digital Accessibility Resources
  587. Office 365 (Apple Mail / Calendar) - Configure Apple Mail / Calendar
  588. Notaries Public Located Within L&S Units
  589. Office 365 - Exchange Online Basic Authentication
  590. L&S Disability Accommodation - Employment
  591. Overloads for L&S Faculty, Academic Staff, University Staff and Limited Appointments
  592. L&S Leave of Absence and Leave Benefits
  593. Redirect: Web Accessibility Guidelines
  594. Redirect: Accessibility for content creators
  595. Redirect: Accessibility for content creators checklist
  596. Redirect: Accessibility for Web Developers
  597. Diversity & Inclusion Training - Accessibility & Usability Information (Students)
  598. SOAR Reservation App - Accessibility & Usability Information
  599. Make It Accessible Guides redirect message*
  600. Zoom - Accessibility & Usability Information
  601. Spring 2021 Course Preview Tableau
  602. PUBLIC - (System) - Resource Sharing Procedures
  603. PUBLIC - (System) - New Archives Instructions local hold or Resource Sharing request
  604. PUBLIC - (System) - Lost Resource Sharing Procedures
  605. MFA-Duo - First Time Setup for Smartphone or Tablet
  606. L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Reports
  607. ECMS - Rebuilding or replacing a scanning workstation
  608. Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 11-05-20
  609. ECMS - Issues installing more than one ImageNow Printer on a single workstation
  610. Capital Purchases for GSSF organizations
  611. Redirect: How vendor's assess product accessibility (VPAT)
  612. Redirect: HTML email accessibility and usability
  613. Redirect: Make email communications accessible and usable
  614. Redirect: Ordering captions, transcripts, or audio descriptions (for a fee)
  615. Redirect: Plain text email accessibility and usability
  616. Redirect: Do it yourself captioning video or transcribing audio (free)
  617. General Student Services Fund Authorized Signer Responsibilities and Training
  618. Redirect: Creating engaging email content
  619. Redirect: Plan and host an accessible virtual event
  620. Redirect: Present accessibly in-person and online
  621. Redirect: Common website accessibility barriers for people with disabilities
  622. Redirect: Communicating with accessibility in mind
  623. Appealing an SSFC Decision
  624. General Student Services Fund Apparel Policy
  625. Acronyms Common to GSSF
  626. General Student Services Fund Account Codes - Commmon
  627. ECMS - How to install the desktop client for Perceptive Intelligent Capture (ICT) Verifier ver 5.5
  628. Get Help from DoIT
  629. L&S Summer Budget Model
  630. ECMS - Scanner Support
  631. Software Available to Faculty/Staff and Students on Campus Software Library
  632. How to Stay Safe Online While Accessing Campus Remotely [Campus login required]
  633. Captioning, transcription, and audio description vendor rate comparison
  634. ECMS - ECM/Imaging Environments
  635. ECMS - How to update a scanner license for ImageNow
  636. ECMS - ImageNow: How to move a scanning station that uses Kofax/VRS
  637. ECMS - Updating a scanning workstation
  638. ECMS - Current Client Version by Environment
  639. ECMS - NetID Login to Imaging System
  640. Webex - Accessibility & usability information
  641. Cybersecurity Awareness Training - Accessibility & Usability Information
  642. Lastpass - Accessibility & Usability Information
  643. Calendly - Accessibility & Usability Information KB
  644. Honorlock - Accessibility & Usability Information (Student)
  645. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - Accessing the OneDrive Online
  646. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - Importing PDF's and other files in OneNote
  647. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - Working with Features of OneNote for Windows 10
  648. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - Navigating through OneNote for Windows 10
  649. EEMBA Tablet Initiative - Logging into Your Device
  650. ECMS - Getting Help With the Imaging System
  651. Eloqua - Test sends
  652. The Open Seat / ASM
  653. L&S Admin Topic of the Month [Campus login required]
  654. iOS 14 - Turning Off the Private Address Feature
  655. Kaltura - Media Collaboration: Changing media ownership, adding co-editors, co-publishers, and co-viewers
  656. Personal Computer Recycling Program FAQ
  657. AWS - Initial AWS Account Configuration
  658. Learn@UW - General Troubleshooting for Learn@UW Tools
  659. Eloqua - Uploading your contacts into the database
  660. Eloqua - Uploading data to contact records
  661. Creating a Multi-Source Presentation Video with Camtasia for Mac
  662. Creating a Screencast Video with Camtasia for Windows
  663. Creating a Multi-Source Presentation Video with Camtasia for Windows
  664. Creating a Screencast Video with Camtasia for Mac
  665. Cisco VoIP - Customizing options in Jabber Client (Windows)
  666. Declaring a Second Major Outside of L&S for L&S Undergraduates
  667. UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Signing and Encrypting Documents (Mac)
  668. Guidance for X-Ray Radiation Use in Research Studies for Non-Healing Arts Purposes
  669. Kaltura - MediaSpace media entry analytics (UW-Madison)
  670. Help Desk - Online NetID Authentication or Identity Proofing
  671. Eloqua - Get help
  672. Eloqua - Presend checklist
  673. Eloqua - Creating and managing templates
  674. Eloqua - Request access
  675. Eloqua - Email settings
  676. OneTrust - How to submit a Cybersecurity International Telecommuting Review request
  677. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-11-09
  678. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Agendas and Minutes
  679. L&S Committee on Academic Staff Issues (CASI) Agendas and Minutes
  680. Submitting Grades of UW Students
  681. Compromised Credentials Resources
  682. Student Center - Social Security Number
  683. L&S TA Training for Remote Teaching: Outline of training content
  684. PRISM - Password Resets and Other Inquiries
  685. Help Desk (Departing Faculty/Staff) - Steps to take before losing access to Office 365, G Suite, Box, and Qualtrics
  686. Common Error Codes for SPSS Software downloaded from the Campus Software Library
  687. Recording Course Video in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  688. Help Desk - Which video conferencing or webinar tool should I use? Blackboard Collaborate Ultra, Google Hangouts Meet, Cisco Webex , Microsoft Teams, Zoom
  689. COVID-19 Related Updates from L&S Administration [Campus login required]
  690. Video and Sound for Remote Instruction
  691. Engage - Where to get support on publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) used with Engage
  692. Engage - Benefits of Using Engage
  693. Engage - Engage Overview
  694. Guest NetID - Creating a Guest NetID Account for Internet and VPN access
  695. L&S Chairs, Directors, and Department Administrator Plenary [Campus login required]
  696. Teaching During COVID-19: L&S Instructional Resources
  697. AEFIS - Eval - Deleting a Survey Template (Admin)
  698. Comsol 5.5 [Campus login required]
  699. Computing at UW - Backing up Your Personal Data
  700. EPD - Instructor Resources - Recorded Presentations: Tools & Software
  701. AEFIS - Eval - Creating a New Survey Schedule (Admin)
  702. Academic Staff Executive Committee Agenda 11-19-20
  703. ASA Document 275. Prohibited Harassment: Definitions and Rules Governing the Conduct of UW-Madison Faculty and Academic Staff
  704. Learn@UW - Known Issues and Workarounds (UW-Madison)
  705. DoIT Service Transition - How to Initiate, Modify or Decommission a service
  706. COVID-19 Syllabus and Course Orientation
  707. L&S Batch Leads - Support for L&S Remote and blended instruction
  708. Creating Narrated Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint for Mac
  709. Creating Narrated Presentations Using Microsoft PowerPoint for Windows
  710. Kaltura - Known Issue - MediaSpace "Add New" menu options change based on browser width
  711. Canvas - Known Issue - No results from YouTube Search in Canvas
  712. Pressbooks - Known Issue - Kaltura Media Playback Issues (UW-Madison)
  713. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Known Issues
  714. Pressbooks - Resolved Issues (UW-Madison)
  715. Storyline - Known Issue - Grade Auto-sync Doesn't Work
  716. Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Canvas test student account can't view ACAR material in Canvas
  717. Canvas - Embedded content and third-party cookies
  718. Kaltura/Canvas - Known Issue - "Browser Cookies Issue" message - Enabling third party cookies
  719. Canvas - Adding People to a Canvas Course
  720. Kaltura - Using "Kaltura Gallery" course media galleries and analytics in Canvas
  721. Canvas - AEFIS Course Syllabus Tool - Known Issues
  722. AEFIS - DESL - Frequently Asked Questions
  723. Academic Staff Assembly Reference Documents
  724. Google Meets - Accessibility & Usability Information KB
  725. Advanced Content Authoring and Reporting - Grassblade Updates and Changelog
  726. Canvas - Known Issue - Students Can't View Embedded Images
  727. Learn@UW - Which should I use? Options to create instructional videos
  728. Office 365 - Getting Started with Groups
  729. Microsoft Teams - Accessibility & Usability Information KB
  730. Blackboard Collaborate Ultra - Accessibility & Usability Information KB
  731. IWS Workstation List
  732. Adding Video to Kaltura Gallery Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (Android)
  733. Recording Course Video in Zoom
  734. Adding Video to Kaltura Gallery Using Canvas Teacher Mobile App (iOS)
  735. Recording and Uploading Video Using Kaltura MediaSpace Go Mobile App (iOS)
  736. UW-Madison Procedures for Using the National Cancer Institute Central Institutional Review Board (NCI CIRB)
  737. OneTrust - How to access OneTrust
  738. Qualys Cloud Agent - Uninstall Cloud Agent from the Console [Campus login required]
  739. Small-Group Discussions (Remote Instruction)
  740. Canvas and AEFIS - Using the Course Syllabus (AEFIS) Tool
  741. UW-Madison Zoom - Scheduling a Zoom Meeting on behalf of another account
  742. COVID-19 Updates
  743. What information should be included in new information reports about halts to study visits/procedures?
  744. HRS Update Your Address for Tax Form Distribution
  745. Canvas - SOAR Student Life & Transition Course
  746. Engage - Opt-out Considerations and Guidelines
  747. Kaltura - Known Issue - Upload results in Oops error
  748. UW-Madison Zoom - Secure Meetings and Webinars
  749. L&S Guidance for TA Workloads and Appointments for Remote Teaching
  750. L&S Readiness Criteria for Pandemic Remote Instruction
  751. List Library - Overview
  752. L&S: New covid room capacities
  753. ECMS - Use UW Box Project Directory and Office 365 Service Account to Share Files with Imaging Service
  754. Accommodations during covid-19 disruption (L&S): Supporting individual students who miss class due to illness, quarantine, or bereavement
  755. EMS Client for Mac
  756. UW-Madison Zoom - Frequently Asked Questions
  757. Eloqua - Deleting folders or assets
  758. Eloqua - Where do I find ...
  759. Eloqua - Logging in
  760. Eloqua - Eloqua 101: Assets + Audiences = Campaigns
  761. Eloqua - Creating an email using a template
  762. EPM - Editing 'tnsnames.ora' and 'sqlnet.ora' Files
  763. Remote Working and Learning - Troubleshooting Common Technical Issues
  764. Engage - Library View
  765. Initial Recruitment Contact and Screening Guidance
  766. Engage - How Engage eTexts/publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs) Appear in the Course Guide
  767. Engage - Order Tool User Interface Overview
  768. Qualys Continuous Monitoring - Setting Up Email Alerts [Campus login required]
  769. Engage - Courses Using Engage eTexts/publisher Digital Learning Tools (DLTs)
  770. Qualys - Requesting User Access [Campus login required]
  771. Qualys Policy Compliance - An Introduction to the Qualys Policy Compliance Module [Campus login required]
  772. UW-Madison G Suite - Google Groups API
  773. Cisco VoIP - Connecting a USB headset or Bluetooth device
  774. Kaltura MediaSpace - Recommended video source formats and specifications (UW-Madison)
  775. Faculty Senate Agenda Archive, 2010-2018 (all agenda documents in PDF)
  776. Faculty Senate Minutes list with links to documents, 2010-2015
  777. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2016-05-17
  778. Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-05-04
  779. Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-04-20
  780. Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-03-02
  781. Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-02-03
  782. Faculty Senate Minutes list with links to documents, 2016-2020
  783. Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-09-14
  784. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2017-08-14
  785. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2018-11-12
  786. University Committee Minutes 2019-08-19
  787. L&S Procedures on Fellowships & Traineeships
  788. Academic Staff Assembly Minutes 10-12-20
  789. Office 365 - Use of Security Groups to Manage Permissions
  790. Outlook (Windows): Opening a service account as a separate profile
  791. General Education Committee members
  792. Kaltura - Reviewing analytics in MediaSpace channels (UW-Madison)
  793. Canvas - Canvas Course Templates (UW-Madison)
  794. Office 365 - Manage/view Group Settings/Parameters
  795. UW Digital ID (Personal Certificate) - Requesting a Digital Certificate
  796. Office 365 (iOS) - Configure the native email/calendar app for iPhone, iPad, iPod
  797. Establishing, Evaluating, and Changing Centers, Institutes, and Center-like Units*
  798. KB User's Guide - Overview of Fields in Document editor
  799. UW-Madison Zoom - Getting started with Marketplace
  800. University of Wisconsin–Madison Policy for Supplementation and Concurrent Appointments for Graduate Students Holding Predoctoral Fellowships or Traineeships
  801. Office 365 - How is FERPA status managed in Office 365?
  802. DoIT Shared Tools - GitLab - Login and Access
  803. UW Digital ID - Customer - Credentialing Process
  804. Kaltura - Known Issue - Privacy and ad-blocking software can cause issues with Kaltura MediaSpace
  805. L&S Instructions on Spring 2021 Jobs
  806. EPD - Instructor Resources - Online Credit Course - Conclusion Checklist
  807. Popup Blocker - FAQ
  808. L&S Incomplete (I) Grade Information
  809. Engage - Best Practices for Instructors
  810. UW-Madison Final Exam General Information and Grading Deadline
  811. Engage - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  812. Entering a Position Change - Voluntary Reassignment (UPS - Movement from University Staff to Academic Staff/Limited) in HRS
  813. Entering an Employee's Tax Form W-4 Withholding Allowance Certificate in HRS
  814. Support Resources
  815. UW-Madison Zoom - Hosts may enable attendees to change/modify their display name during an event
  816. EPD Guide
  817. Office 365 - Submit a message as spam/phishing
  818. Bio-ARROW - General Help - Navigating Your Protocol
  819. Glacier Account Requirements for Foreign Nationals on UW Payroll in HRS
  820. Communications Committee Agenda 11-11-20
  821. DARS/Students - Request a What If DARS audit for major/certificate not declared
  822. DARS/Faculty&Staff - Request a batch of individual DARS audits for multiple students
  823. DARS/Students - Request a DARS audit for a declared major, including planned courses
  824. DARS/Faculty&Staff - Use DARSX for requesting and approving exceptions
  825. DARS/Students - Start the DARS audit request process
  826. DARS/Faculty&Staff - Request a DARS audit
  827. DARS/Students - Request a DARS audit for a declared major/certificate
  828. DARS/Students - Read a DARS audit report
  829. DARS/Faculty&Staff - Logon for DARS
  830. DARS/Faculty&Staff - Authorization Form
  831. Print Refund Request Form
  832. Using Web Print/ Mobility Print
  833. Canvas - Changing Your Displayed Name or Email Address (UW-Madison)
  834. Qualys - URLs to Access Qualys via Single Sign-On [Campus login required]
  835. Help Desk - IT Help Desks at UW-Madison
  836. Java - Compatible Versions for UW Services
  837. Course Search & Enroll - "Class is closed and wait list is full" Error
  838. L&S University Staff Issues Committee (USIC) Initiatives
  839. Qualys Cloud Agent - An Introduction to the Qualys Cloud Agent [Campus login required]
  840. NCPD - Certificates - Participation Certificate Release (Manual)
  841. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-11-02
  842. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-10-26
  843. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-10-19
  844. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-10-12
  845. University Committee Meeting Minutes 2020-10-05
  846. WiscList - CALS WiscLists by HRS Employee Types [Campus login required]
  847. Spirion (Identity Finder) - How to Save and Retrieve the Results of a Scan
  848. Office 365 - Getting Started with Teams
  849. Scan - Office of Cybersecurity Vulnerability Scanning IPs and Services [Campus login required]
  850. OVCRGE-CASI Reports
  851. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Request a JIRA Project (DoIT and Affiliates Only)
  852. DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - Support and FAQ
  853. Engage - Engage Terminology
  854. Academic Staff Assembly Materials 11-09-20
  855. Reasonable Compensation for Research or Program Assistants (RA/PA) on NIH funding
  856. CAE Filespace Over Quota
  857. College of Engineering - resources for students
  858. An index to CAE filespace articles
  859. Buying a computer
  860. Activate Your CAE Account
  861. Accessing Student Org Filespace and Website
  862. Resetting the Account Password
  863. What does "Access to CAE Resources is Expiring" mean?
  864. Accounts: Access to Student Org Accounts
  865. Accounts: Adding Members to a Group
  866. File Sharing: How to share large files WITHOUT using email
  867. Wireless Network Access
  868. CAE Account: Types of Accounts
  869. Accounts: Changing Group Ownership
  870. Preparing for CAE Account Expiration
  871. Personal Security: Automatic Updates for Windows machines, and updating your Mac
  872. Office 365: Saving as a PDF
  873. Renewing Linked Accounts
  874. ED/SBS IRB Members
  875. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Service Description and Policies
  876. DoIT Shared Tools - Overview
  877. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Workflow Customizations
  878. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Update My Profile
  879. AEFIS - Eval - Assigning Course Sections to a Survey (Admin)
  880. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - New User Self-Enrollment and Access
  881. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Microsoft Teams Integration
  882. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Login and Access Troubleshooting
  883. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Create JIRA Records from Service Account Emails
  884. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Create a New Dashboard
  885. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Add Users via JIRA User Group
  886. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Add Users to Project via Roles
  887. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Add Users to a Project and Role via UDDS
  888. DoIT Shared Tools - JIRA - Add a WiscList "User"
  889. DoIT Shared Tools - GitLab - Projects
  890. DoIT Shared Tools - GitLab - Groups
  891. Honorlock - Overview (UW-Madison)
  892. DoIT Shared Tools - Contact Us
  893. L&S Senate Agenda
  894. DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - Request New Space Creation
  895. DoIT Shared Tools - Confluence Wiki - New User Self-Enrollment and Access
  896. Faculty Senate Minutes 2020-10-02
  897. FIDO: generic alarm matching criteria and examples
  898. UW-Madison Zoom - Change your display name
  899. L&S Academic Program Review - An Overview
  900. WiscList - Managing / Administrating Lists (My Lists)
  901. WiscList (Advanced) - Changing Message Header and Footer
  902. WiscList (Advanced) - Adding Members
  903. WiscList - Adding a List Member or Administrator
  904. WiscList - Unsubscribing from a List
  905. WiscList - "<WISCLIST-" Header Was Detected
  906. WiscList - What is WiscList?
  907. WiscList - Subscribing to a List
  908. WiscList - Tracking Messages (Opens Tracking)
  909. WiscList - Delegated Administration
  910. WiscList (Advanced) - Erroneous Unsubscribes
  911. WiscList - Logging In to WiscList
  912. WiscList - Searching List Members and Administrators
  913. WiscList - Viewing the Status of a Message
  914. Finding Serial Numbers - Various Laptop Computers
  915. FA, AS, LI, CP, CJ, CL, ET, SA, OT, $0 Jobs at the L&S Centralized Departments
  916. OVCRGE-CASI Meetings 2020
  917. L&S Senate - Archive
  918. Engage - Accessibility
  919. Engage - Engage eText Analytics
  920. Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 10-29-20
  921. Engage - Set-Up/Preparation for Instructors using a publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT)
  922. Engage - Troubleshooting
  923. Engage - Using the Keep on Device feature to read offline
  924. Engage - Known Issue - Offline reading download stalls
  925. Engage - Known Issue - Engage displays login information when going to a saved bookmark for eText
  926. Engage - About UW-Madison Engage fees and appeals
  927. Engage - Known Issue - Unizin Read and Canvas mobile app issues
  928. Engage - Support and Documentation
  929. Engage - Known Issue - Instructor Notes are limited to Teacher, Principal Instructor, Auxiliary Instructor, and Course Coordinator roles
  930. Engage - Reading eTexts on Engage
  931. Engage - Authoring PDFs for Engage
  932. Engage - Sample language for syllabi and Canvas courses using an Engage eText
  933. Engage - Engage Unizin Publishers
  934. Engage - Add the Engage eText tool to your Canvas course
  935. Engage - Adding the Engage eText tool to your Canvas course and other preparation for instructors using Engage
  936. Webex Personal Meeting Room
  937. Engage - Sample language for syllabi and Canvas courses using a publisher Digital Learning Tool (DLT)
  938. UW-Madison Zoom - Supported Clients
  939. UW-Madison Zoom - Default Meeting Settings
  940. UW-Madison Zoom - Meeting and Webinar Add-On Overview
  941. UW-Madison Zoom - Personal Account Comparison with UW-Madison Default Recording Settings
  942. UW-Madison Zoom - Getting started
  943. UW-Madison Zoom - Errors related to Single Sign-On (SSO)
  944. UW-Madison Zoom - Enable Zoom Add-in for Outlook
  945. UW-Madison Zoom - Default Recording Settings
  946. UW-Madison Zoom - UW Terms of Service
  947. UW-Madison Zoom - Zoom Terms of Service
  948. UW-Madison Zoom - Setting up calendar and contacts integration for the desktop client
  949. UW-Madison Zoom - Personal Basic Account Comparison with UW-Madison Default Meeting Settings
  950. UW-Madison Zoom - End User Privacy Policy
  951. UW-Madison Zoom - Consolidate your free personal Zoom account to UW-Madison Zoom
  952. UW-Madison Zoom - How are you logged into Zoom client?
  953. Engage - How to access Engage eTexts from previous courses
  954. L&S Academic Planning Council Meeting - Agendas and Notes
  955. Webex: What are all the Different Roles in the Webex Meeting Centers?
  956. Get help from UW-Shared Services Support Team
  957. ECMS - Install and Configure Perceptive Content Desktop Client (Imaging)
  958. Tuition Structures for Degree/Majors and Certificate Programs
  959. Adobe Connect - Product Overview and License Information
  960. Canvas - Crosslisting/Merging a Canvas Course (UW-Madison)
  961. Canvas - Getting Started with Piazza in Canvas (UW-Madison)
  962. Telephone Services - Service Description
  963. Piazza - Overview (UW-Madison)
  964. Piazza - How to get help (UW-Madison)
  965. Account Permissions
  966. Checking Group Space Disk Quota
  967. Installing ADS
  968. Office of Research Compliance and Office of Research Policy and Integrity Contacts
  969. UW-Madison Box - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  970. UW-Madison Box - Clients and Syncing
  971. L&S Undergraduate Assistants
  972. L&S Performance Evaluations for TAs, PAs, and UAs
  973. Accessing your Palo Alto virtual firewall(vsys)
  974. UW Madison Palo Alto Documentation Overview [Campus login required]
  975. Web Browsers - Determining Version
  976. Office 365 (Outlook for Android/iOS) - Configuring the Outlook app for Android/iOS
  977. Academic Staff Executive Committee Agenda 11-05-20
  978. L&S Letter Templates for Academic Staff, University Staff, TE and LI Appointments
  979. Office 365 (Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - Sent or Deleted item is not saved within the sent/deleted items folder of the account actioned from
  980. Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 10-22-20
  981. Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 10-08-20
  982. Academic Staff Executive Committee Minutes 10-01-20
  983. KB User's Guide - General Info - View Your Institution Sitemap
  984. VPN information for the College of Engineering
  985. Office 365 (Outlook for Windows/MacOS) - How is Outlook configured?
  986. L&S How to Create Newsletters and Announcements
  987. Remote Template
  988. Webex Removal & Troubleshooting Tools
  989. Managing Large Course Sections in Canvas
  990. AEFIS - Eval - Reopening a Survey (Admin)
  991. Equity and Inclusion in Remote Environments: Access
  992. Equity and Inclusion in Remote Environments: Design
  993. Equity and Inclusion in Remote Environments: Pedagogy
  994. AEFIS - Eval - Changing survey schedule and instance administrator (Admin)
  995. General Guidance for Remote Instruction
  996. Low-Bandwidth Instruction
  997. Assessing Group Work in Remote Learning Environments
  998. Group Work: Barriers and Challenges in Remote Instruction
  999. Group Work: Design and Planning
  1000. Collaborative Group Work in Remote Learning Environments
  1001. Canvas - Student Tech Modules in Canvas Commons
  1002. Teaching Large Courses in Remote Learning Environments
  1003. Installation of LabVIEW
  1004. Troubleshooting Plotting Issues at CAE
  1005. Managing Groups in Canvas for Large Courses During Remote Instruction
  1006. Remote Office Hours for Large Courses During Remote Instruction
  1007. Windows 10 Start Menu
  1008. Checking Your Computer's DNS Settings
  1009. File Sharing: FileZilla
  1010. File Sharing: WinSCP
  1011. Using Rubrics To Communicate With Students
  1012. Support Resources for Classroom Technology in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1013. Support Resources for Canvas (Remote Instruction)
  1014. Using Canvas Quizzes to Create an Anonymous Survey
  1015. Support Resources for Google Slides (Remote Instruction)
  1016. Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Description
  1017. Using Top Hat for Polling Students in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  1018. Using Polling in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra (Remote Instruction)
  1019. Managing Student Questions with Piazza — Example Microbiology
  1020. Group Curation Activity in Canvas
  1021. Breakout Group Activities Using Google Slides
  1022. Recorded Group Presentations Using Canvas and Blackboard Collaborate Ultra
  1023. HIPAA - FAQs for the Online HIPAA Privacy & Security Training
  1024. HIPAA O365 Controls - Description of Compliance Report Columns [Campus login required]
  1025. L&S Departments, Programs, Centers & Institutes by Divisional Associate Dean
  1026. How to Make Changes to the L&S Website
  1027. HIPAA O365 Controls - How to run HIPAA O365 Health Care Component compliance reports [Campus login required]
  1028. Local Campus Multi-factor Authentication - Resolving "Additional Identity Proofing Required" Errors When Authenticating to Protected Systems
  1029. NetID Login Service - Getting Started
  1030. NetID Login Service and Wisconsin Federation Attribute Information
  1031. HIPAA O365 Controls - Domains approved for O365 auto-forwarding within Health Care Component [Campus login required]
  1032. Office 365 (Outlook for Windows) - Configure Outlook
  1033. Network Firewall - Ruleset Change Procedure for the DoIT Staff Network Firewall
  1034. LastPass - Is it Possible to Change from Master Password Login to NetID Login?
  1035. LastPass - UW–Madison LastPass Enterprise Service Terms of Use
  1036. LastPass - What Cyberattacks Does LastPass Help Protect Me From?
  1037. LastPass - What Happens to My Shared Folders When I Leave the University?
  1038. LastPass - What Happens to My Accounts When I Leave the University?
  1039. LastPass - Opting-in and Activating Your LastPass Enterprise Account
  1040. LastPass - What if I Already Have a LastPass Account?
  1041. LastPass - What’s the Difference Between LastPass Enterprise, LastPass Premium, and LastPass Free Accounts?
  1042. LastPass - How Do I Sign Up for LastPass Premium?
  1043. LastPass - How Do I Upgrade My LastPass Free Account to a LastPass Premium Account for Free?
  1044. LastPass - Should I Use LastPass Enterprise or LastPass Premium?
  1045. LastPass - Logging in Using NetID Login
  1046. LastPass - What if I Have Multiple LastPass Enterprise Accounts?
  1047. LastPass - What if I Used My NetID@wisc.edu Email Address to Sign Up for a LastPass Free or LastPass Premium Account?
  1048. LastPass - Can I Use My LastPass Enterprise Vault to Store My NetID Credentials? Should I?
  1049. LastPass - Does LastPass Keep a Record of My NetID Login Credentials?
  1050. LastPass - How Do I Change My LastPass Enterprise Email Address to My NetID@wisc.edu Email Address?
  1051. LastPass - Is it Possible to Change My LastPass Enterprise Account from NetID Login to Master Password Login?
  1052. LastPass - How Do I Link/Unlink My LastPass Premium/LastPass Free Account to/from My LastPass Enterprise Account?
  1053. LastPass - How Do I Import Passwords from Other Password Stores?
  1054. LastPass - How Do I Add a Password or a Secret to LastPass?
  1055. LastPass - How Do I Change a Site Password in LastPass?
  1056. LastPass - How Do I Set Up Master Password Recovery Options?
  1057. LastPass - What if I am Unable to Recover My Master Password?
  1058. LastPass - How Do I Backup My Credentials?
  1059. LastPass - Can My Stored Passwords Be Made Available Offline?
  1060. LastPass - Downloading the LastPass Browser Extensions/Desktop Apps/Mobile Apps
  1061. LastPass - How Do I Use the LastPass Browser Extensions?
  1062. LastPass - Will Support Staff Have Access to My Stored Credentials?
  1063. LastPass - What if I Don’t Want a LastPass Enterprise Account? Or What if I am Ineligible for a LastPass Enterprise Account?
  1064. LastPass - Can I Have More Than One Account or Account Type?
  1065. LastPass - How Safe is LastPass Enterprise?
  1066. LastPass - Why Use LastPass Enterprise?
  1067. Transferology and TransferologyLab
  1068. Student Advisory Committee for COVID Planning
  1069. Qualtrics - Accessibility & Usability Information KB
  1070. MyUW - Welcome to the new MyUW
  1071. Academic Staff Assembly Agenda 11-09-20
  1072. Canvas - Setting a Time Zone in Canvas
  1073. Turnitin - Overview (UW-Madison)
  1074. Qualtrics Survey Hosting - Survey Resources
  1075. Qualtrics Survey Hosting - Support
  1076. EPD - Teaching & Learning - Tools & Technology - Camtasia
  1077. Cisco VoIP - Voicemail in Jabber (Windows/Mac)
  1078. (Madison) Vendor Record Requests [Campus login required]
  1079. Using Top Hat to Present Questions to Students in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1080. SIS - Student Records Inquiry
  1081. SIS - Enrollment Menu Paths
  1082. CEBC Meeting Notes - 09-15-2020
  1083. UW-Madison Box - Known Issues
  1084. Introductions and Community-Building Discussions
  1085. Initial Content Engagement Discussions
  1086. Integration and Documentation Discussions
  1087. Investigation and Research Discussions
  1088. Activity Response - Rubric
  1089. Activity Response - Description
  1090. Activity Response - Example
  1091. Student Introductions - Example
  1092. Problem-Solving - Description
  1093. Problem-Solving - Example
  1094. Problem-Solving - Rubric
  1095. Case Study - Example
  1096. Case Study - Rubric
  1097. Case Study - Description
  1098. Student Introductions - Rubric
  1099. Online Discussions in Remote Instruction
  1100. Affordances of Online Discussions
  1101. Steps for Building an Asynchronous Discussion
  1102. L&S Policy on Offering Online / Distance-Delivered Undergraduate Courses
  1103. Using Asynchronous Discussions to Increase Student Engagement & Active Learning
  1104. Active Learning in Large Courses During Remote Instruction
  1105. Minute Paper/Muddiest Point in Large Courses (Remote Instruction)
  1106. Background Knowledge Probe in Large Courses (Remote Instruction)
  1107. Canvas - Course Readiness Support Role
  1108. Canvas - Known Issue - Internet Explorer Unsupported
  1109. Pro and Con Grid in Large Courses (Remote Instruction)
  1110. Student-Defined Questions in Large Courses (Remote Instruction)
  1111. L&S teaching metrics - department summary sheets
  1112. Walkthrough for Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1113. Problem-Solving in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1114. Prior Knowledge in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1115. Memory Matrix
  1116. Background Knowledge Probe
  1117. Adding a L&S breadth attribute to a course (guidance for department faculty and staff)
  1118. L&S Department and Program Assessment Plans - Archive for 2013 and Prior
  1119. L&S Assessment and Program Review Report Archive
  1120. Focused Listing
  1121. Student-Defined Questions
  1122. Adding "L&S Credit", Level, or Breadth undergraduate course designations to courses (advice for departments)
  1123. Propose changes to L&S program requirements (Major, Named Option, Certificate, Graduate Minor)
  1124. Content, Form, and Function Outlines
  1125. L&S Curricular Deadlines for Course and Program Changes
  1126. Analysis and Critical Thinking in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1127. Categorizing Grid
  1128. Pro and Con Grid
  1129. OVCRGE-CASI Homepage
  1130. Defining Features Matrix
  1131. SpectrumU - Channel Listing
  1132. Fiber Connection from Capitol to Wisconsin Public Television
  1133. Round Robin
  1134. Fiber Connection Between Camp Randall Stadium and Wisconsin Public Television
  1135. Active Learning
  1136. Discussions in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1137. RTN Lineup
  1138. (Public) - Primo Optional campus banner and Central Banner
  1139. Eloqua - Using simple campaigns to send an email
  1140. Coursespace Management
  1141. Creating a Classroom Backchannel for Student Questions Using Piazza
  1142. Creating a Classroom Backchannel for Student Questions Using Top Hat
  1143. Defining Features Matrix in Large Courses (Remote Instruction)
  1144. Minute Paper/Muddiest Point (Remote Instruction)
  1145. ECMS - Internal - Error and warning messages for the IWS file transfer job executor
  1146. Pro and Con Grid (Remote Instruction)
  1147. Teaching in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1148. L&S Payroll Planning Calendars
  1149. FIDO: Impact, Time of Day, Hold Down attributes
  1150. UW-Madison Box - Getting Started
  1151. Using the Bietrun Wireless Headset Microphone (or alternative brand) with the ION Arena Portable Speaker
  1152. Using the PGA31 Headset Microphone with an AV presentation system
  1153. Empty Outlines
  1154. Using the Giecy portable voice amplifier
  1155. Buzz Groups
  1156. Minute Paper / Muddiest Point
  1157. Analytic Memo
  1158. Case Studies
  1159. Group Investigations
  1160. Email and Phone Directories
  1161. Eloqua - Uploading, replacing and managing images
  1162. Eloqua - Dashboard overview
  1163. Eloqua - Finding an email's analytics
  1164. Eloqua - Updating a Shared List
  1165. Eloqua - Adding Shared Lists to Segments
  1166. Eloqua - Previewing emails
  1167. Eloqua - Landing pages
  1168. Send-a-Problem
  1169. Think-Aloud Pair Problem-Solving
  1170. Structured Problem-Solving
  1171. Analytic Teams
  1172. Three-Step Interview
  1173. Talking Chips
  1174. Think/Pair/Share
  1175. Small-Group Discussions
  1176. Fishbowl Discussion
  1177. Active Learning in Remote Learning Environments
  1178. Basic Approaches for Active Learning in Physically-Distanced Learning Spaces
  1179. Office 365 - Introducing the new Outlook for Mac
  1180. LEAD: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - Learning Engagement Analytics Dashboard
  1181. AEFIS - Eval - Frequently Asked Questions (Instructor)
  1182. Canvas - Frequently Asked Questions for Students
  1183. AEFIS - Eval - Frequently Asked Questions (Student)
  1184. AEFIS - Eval - Frequently Asked Questions (Admin)
  1185. Canvas - FAQs for Non-Credit Courses
  1186. Refreshing Specific Applications
  1187. Canvas - Getting Started with New Analytics
  1188. L&S Grader/Reader Appointments [Campus login required]
  1189. WiscVPN - Installing the GlobalProtect Client (Windows)
  1190. Mac - Frequently Asked Questions
  1191. Office 365 - Linking a service account to a NetID
  1192. Securing your system after Adware Removal
  1193. Security - How to Protect your Computer from Theft
  1194. How to Update Adobe Reader and Adobe Flash
  1195. Windows 7 - Application Compatibility Issues
  1196. NetID Account Compromised - Malware/Virus Infection on machine
  1197. KB User's Guide - Users Tab - Group Authorization
  1198. UW Madison Public Cloud Team Events
  1199. L&S Climate Committee - How to address climate concerns
  1200. L&S Climate Committee - Members and Guiding Principles