OneTrust - How to access OneTrust

OneTrust is a Software-as-a-Service tool used by the Risk & Compliance team within the Office of Cybersecurity to conduct risk assessments, track and mitigate risks, and report on risk levels across UW-Madison.

To access OneTrust:

  1. Navigate to: OneTrust Login Page
    1. Custom UW-Madison Login Page:
    2. 2021-03-02_15-52-28.png
  2. Use your "" email for the requested Email Address.
    1. Enter just your email to start, you'll be prompted for your NetID password and Duo MFA in next steps.
    2. 2020-08-12_16-17-22.png
  3. Click "Next ->"
  4. Authenticate with your NetID username, NetID password, and Duo.

Use these links for common tasks within OneTrust:

  • Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Request 
    • Request form to be used when purchasing software, requesting a department assessment, needing a HIPAA Joint Security & Privacy Review, or making any other request of the Risk & Compliance Team.
  • Secure Storage Review
    • Request form to be used to request a Cybersecurity review of a SecureBox or RestrictedDrive request.
  • Remote Work Review 
    • Questionnaire for submitting a International Telecommuting Request to the Risk & Compliance team to determine the risk level associated with the request.
  • Endpoint Security Checklist 
    • Checklist to provide details about endpoints connecting to "SecureStorage" such as SecureBox, RestrictedDrive, etc.

If you have questions about OneTrust, please contact the OneTrust administrators within the Office of Cybersecurity at