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Identity Finder (Mac) - Scanning Emails

This document describes how to scan for emails on the Mac using Identity Finder. All documentation was performed with Identity Finder

Identity Finder for Mac does not have options to directly enable the searching of email downloaded with various web clients. However, it is possible to enable the file types needed for Identity Finder to recognize emails and scan them as files.

This document contains the following topics:
  • Scanning for Emails
  • Prerequisites
    Scanning email in the Mac version of Identity Finder works by scanning the emails as files. As such, there are several requirements that must be met in order for an email to be properly scanned.
    1. The email must be downloaded with a POP account.
    2. The email must be stored locally.
    Emails must exist on the machine being scanned. To scan for Emails, Identitity Finder uses a Spotlight filter. Messages are searched as text and not as individual files and attachments.

    Note: Since Identity Finder scans email files by converting them to text, attachments that are virus free should be downloaded and then searched.

    Scanning for Emails 

    To enable Identity Finder to scan for emails:
    1. Launch Identity Finder and open the Preferences menu (⌘, shortcut)
    2. IdentityFinderPreferences.png

    3. From the Preferences window, select File Types
    4. Choose Custom file typle list and click the Manage button.
    5. ManageWindow.png

    6. From this window, make the Mail box is checked.
    7. SelectingMail.png

    8. Click OK on the box that appears
    9. WarningMessage.png

    10. Run a scan as normal ensuring you scan the desired folders for mail. Apple Mail by default is located under USERNAME/Library/Mail.
    11. EmailScanResults.png

    7146- Make sure to configure using POP if you want Identity Finder to properly scan emails.

    Document 1535 is unavailable at this time.- Differences between various formats.

    Identity Finder (Mac) - Advanced Searching- Advanced searching options for the Mac client.

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