Top Documents of the Week

  1. Word (Mac) - How to password protect and encrypt a document
  2. LastPass - How do I import passwords from KeePass?
  3. Palo Alto: Firewall Log Viewing and Filtering
  4. LastPass - Downloading the LastPass Browser Extensions/Desktop Apps/Mobile Apps
  5. Excel (Win) - How to password protect and encrypt a workbook
  6. Palo Alto: HIP Features - VPN, Host-Info and Firewall Security
  7. Palo Alto: Security Zones, Profiles and Policies (Rules)
  8. Palo Alto: Making URL Exceptions To Your URL-Filtering Security Profiles
  9. Phishing Detection and Remediation
  10. Endpoint Security - Campus Symantec License Expiration
  11. Palo Alto: Application ID
  12. Recommended Antivirus Solutions & Cybersecurity Roadmap
  13. OneTrust - How to access OneTrust
  14. Palo Alto: Security Profiles
  15. OneTrust - Risk Management Workflow Stages
  16. LastPass - What’s the Difference Between LastPass Enterprise, LastPass Premium, and LastPass Free Accounts?
  17. LastPass - How Do I Add a Password or a Secret to LastPass?
  18. Word (Win) - How to password protect and encrypt a document
  19. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Scheduling a Scan Using the Client (Win)
  20. LastPass - Opting-in and Activating Your LastPass Enterprise Account
  21. OneTrust - Common requests made via OneTrust
  22. LastPass - How to create an account for UW work related activities
  23. CyberArk - Add users to a Safe (for Safe Managers)
  24. Palo Alto: Security Policies
  25. LastPass - What if I am Unable to Recover My Master Password?
  26. Cybersecurity Elastic Logging Service
  27. OneTrust - Using the Risk Dashboard
  28. OneTrust - Assessment Stages
  29. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Taking Action on the Scan Results
  30. LastPass - How Do I Link/Unlink My LastPass Premium/LastPass Free Account to/from My LastPass Enterprise Account?
  31. Encryption - Encryption Tools Matrix
  32. Palo Alto: Firewall Administrative Access Confirmation
  33. Cisco AMP - Collaborative Teams Group for AMP Admins & Training Video
  34. OneTrust - How to request permission changes for SecureBox
  35. LastPass - What if I Have Multiple LastPass Enterprise Accounts?
  36. CyberArk - Safes
  37. Trend Micro - Introduction to Trend Micro AV for Personally Owned macOS Devices
  38. Excel (Mac) - How to password protect and encrypt a workbook
  39. Palo Alto Next Generation Firewall - Rulesets on UW-Madison Wireless and WiscVPN networks
  40. Built-in Protection for macOS
  41. CyberArk - View accounts
  42. Palo Alto Firewalls: Creating Custom Reports
  43. Encryption - Issues to Consider Before Implementing Encryption
  44. CyberArk - Safe Members
  45. OneTrust - Viewing and Using Dashboards
  46. CyberArk - How to add an account
  47. LastPass - How to create an account for non-UW work related activities
  48. CyberArk - Search Accounts
  49. LastPass - How Do I Backup My Credentials?
  50. What is the Cybersecurity Risk Register?
  51. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Guide to the Administrative Console
  52. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Performing a Scan with the Local Client
  53. Spirion (Identity Finder) - How to Save and Retrieve the Results of a Scan
  54. LastPass - Can I Have More Than One Account or Account Type?
  55. Security Tools - Communities of Practice for Security Administrators
  56. Cybersecurity Awareness Training - FAQs
  57. Cisco AMP - Running a Scan from the Local GUI
  58. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Advanced Searching
  59. LastPass - What Happens to My Shared Folders When I Leave the University?
  60. HIPAA O365 Controls - How do I auto-forward my email to another domain?
  61. LastPass - Why Use LastPass Enterprise?
  62. LastPass - UW–Madison LastPass Enterprise Service Terms of Use
  63. LastPass - What if I Used My Email Address to Sign Up for a LastPass Free or LastPass Premium Account?
  64. LastPass - Using the browser extension
  65. LastPass - Can I Use My LastPass Enterprise Vault to Store My NetID Credentials? Should I?
  66. LastPass - Installing the browser extension
  67. OneTrust - How to request advanced access
  68. LastPass - Does LastPass Keep a Record of My NetID Login Credentials?
  69. Encryption - Types of encryption and key concepts
  70. Palo Alto Network Firewall Advanced Protection Implementation Summary
  71. OneTrust - Risk Workflow Procedure
  72. LastPass - Why Use LastPass Premium?
  73. OneTrust - Common Risk Terms and Definitions
  74. OpenSSL - Heartbeat Vulnerability (aka "Heartbleed") Information
  75. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Using Regular Expressions to Find Custom Data
  76. OneTrust - Viewing Risk Details
  77. OneTrust - Configuring and Filtering the Risk Register
  78. LastPass - What if I Already Have a LastPass Account?
  79. HIPAA O365 Controls - Domains approved for O365 auto-forwarding within Health Care Component
  80. LastPass - How Do I Sign Up for LastPass Premium?
  81. LastPass - How Do I Set Up Master Password Recovery Options?
  82. Spirion (Identity Finder) - Understanding Tags in the Console
  83. Reviewed Tools - Globus
  84. Cybersecurity Announcement - PrintNightmare Windows Zero-Day
  85. Endpoint Security - FAQ for the Endpoint Protection Project
  86. LastPass - Should I Use LastPass Enterprise or LastPass Premium?
  87. LastPass - What Happens to My Accounts When I Leave the University?
  88. LastPass - What Cyberattacks Does LastPass Help Protect Me From?
  89. OneTrust - How to change your default "Organization"
  90. HIPAA O365 Controls - How to allow a user to set an auto-forward to approved domains.
  91. LastPass - How Do I Get LastPass to Auto-Fill the Right Credentials (Add Sub-Domains)?
  92. LastPass - Can My Stored Passwords Be Made Available Offline?
  93. HIPAA O365 Controls - Controls implemented for the UW-Madison Health Care Component
  94. Protect Against The Threat of Ransomware
  95. LastPass - Is it Possible to Change from Master Password Login to NetID Login?
  96. LastPass - How Do I Use the LastPass Browser Extensions?
  97. LastPass - Does LastPass Keep a Record of My Master Password?
  98. Trend Micro - Installing Trend Micro AV on Your Personally Owned macOS Device
  99. OneTrust - Creating a New Risk From the Risk Register
  100. LastPass - How to create a strong and memorable password
  101. CyberArk - Glossary
  102. LastPass - How to download native apps
  103. CyberArk - How to login to CyberArk
  104. LastPass - How Do I Upgrade My LastPass Free Account to a LastPass Premium Account for Free?
  105. LastPass - Will Support Staff Have Access to My Stored Credentials?
  106. FERPA & HIPAA Crosswalk
  107. LastPass - How Do I Change a Site Password in LastPass?
  108. LastPass - How Safe is LastPass Enterprise?
  109. OneTrust - Managing Risks from the Risk Details Screen
  110. Reviewed Tools - OneDrive
  111. UW Firewall Administration Policy Summary
  112. LastPass - Logging in Using NetID Login
  113. Trend Micro - Renewing Your Annual Subscription
  114. OneTrust - How to submit a Cybersecurity International Telecommuting Review request
  115. LastPass - What if I Don’t Want a LastPass Enterprise Account? Or What if I am Ineligible for a LastPass Enterprise Account?
  116. LastPass - What are the benefits of using LastPass?
  117. LastPass - Installing the safari browser extension
  118. CyberArk - Alternative Web Server
  119. LastPass - How Do I Change My LastPass Enterprise Email Address to My Email Address?
  120. Trend Micro - Getting Help from Customer Support

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