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Atlassian - Cloud and Data Center Licensing Steps and Resources

Helpful steps for groups who want to purchase their own Atlassian Cloud or Data Center instance.

  1. Contact Purchasing: Review Atlassian’s terms & conditions and confirm they are acceptable before requesting a trial. If not, consider alternatives to Atlassian. Note: Atlassian products can be purchased and quoted through SHI.
    1. Government Amendment
    2. Atlassian Cloud Terms of Service

      Additional Resources

  1. Risk Assessment & Accessibility: Reach out to UW-Madison Cybersecurity or UW System Cybersecurity and request a risk assessment.

    Security risk review of Atlassian, Jira, Jira Service Management, and Confluence Cloud software products

    Atlassian has a Voluntary Product Accessibility Template (VPAT)  and process for reporting accessibility concerns. Contact the Center for UX for more information about an accessibility evaluation. 
      1.  Jira Cloud Usability and Accessibility Information
      2. Confluence Cloud Usability and Accessibility Information

  2. Trial: Sign up for the cloud trial accounts (e.g. Jira software and Jira Service Management) using the one cloud URL: Atlassian Try.  Groups with existing Atlassian server licenses can claim a free cloud trial account.
    1. It is easy to select Jira Software, Jira Service Management, and Confluence.
    2. If a custom suite of applications is needed Contact Atlassian support.
    3. Use a URL that is specific to your group.
    4. Request a migration assessment

Note: Trials of data center licenses for Jira Software and Confluence are also available.

  1. Confirm: Estimate the cost of the services and plugins needed - cloud calculator or data center pricing & licensing
    1. 50% discount for education
    2. 75% discount for Confluence when migrating to the cloud on any tier
    3. 75% discount for Confluence Data Center licensing with 10,000+ users
    4. Atlassian Access is free for education
    5. Atlassian offers an Academic Discount but it’s not available through their quote creation system. First create a quote, then contact Atlassian and ask for a revised quote with the discount applied. Or, work with purchasing and request quotes from SHI.

  1. Evaluate: Does the trial meet your needs? If so, accept the level of risk and move forward with purchasing and setting things up. Note: Do not use a trial account for production data. If a trial account is not purchased in time the data is deleted.
    1. If needed: Watch a few webinars
    2. Contact Atlassian support for recommendations

Note: There are specific steps for setting up authentication in the Cloud. Data center licensing steps will vary, work with the vendor to determine your options. 

UW-Madison Atlassian Contacts

Campus Atlassian Contact

Keegan Downs
Enterprise Advocate

Atlassian Purchasing

If needed, email and the appropriate Government team member will reach out


How do I compare my Atlassian migration options?

Atlassian provides resources for accessing your Atlassian migration options and comparing cloud and data center resources.

Are there how-to guides for migrating to other Atlassian products or services?

Atlassian provides cloud and data center migration guides. The Shared Tools team can assist in exporting and importing your Jira project or space into a new instance. 

Watch a demonstration of how to migrate to the cloud

How can I compare costs for Server, Cloud, and Data Center?

How do I request a cloud trial account?

An extended free Cloud trial of up to 12 months is offered to Server and Data Center customers evaluating a Cloud migration.

What if Campus acquires enterprise cloud licensing and I have my own instance?

Separate instances can be transitioned into an enterprise organization. If enterprise licensing is available in the future, then groups could choose to be associated with that instance. 

Should I migrate my Jira project or Confluence space to the Cloud?

If alternative solutions do not meet your needs, Atlassian cloud products are the easiest way to keep the same tools and recreate processes and workflows. Instead of migrating, you can choose to archive your existing data and start with a new project in the cloud or other platform. A risk assessment will help you determine if Atlassian's terms and conditions meet your data requirements.

How much is the annual fee?

This will vary depending on the number of users, products, and plugins selected.

Are there groups who already have cloud instances?


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