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DoIT Shared Tools - What JIRA support is offered by the Shared Tools team?

The Shared Tools team offers limited support focused on the security and usability of the service for DoIT departments, technologies, and their collaborators.

***A reminder of the discontinuation of Atlassian Jira and Confluence,DoIT Jira and Confluence Service Change - Timeline and Roles & Responsibilities

This includes:

  • A needs analysis and scoping meeting
  • Initial setup of a JIRA Software project with standard configurations
  • Establishing new project owners
  • An introduction to JIRA and best practices
  • Admin level configuration items
  • Infrastructure maintenance
  • Software updates, and limited plugin support
  • Troubleshooting issues and bug fixes 

What is supported in the standard setup?

A standard JIRA Software project can be used for:

  • Internal communications between project team members
  • Planning of Agile sprints
  • Organizing a backlog and work in progress using sprints, epics, versions, and releases
  • Reporting or board views using global tags, labels, categories or limited custom fields
  • Seeing the status of work using the a simple workflow (Pending → To Do → In Progress → On Hold → Done/Completed)
  • Please see this document for workflow best practices

The standard workflow includes To Do, In Progress, On Hold, Done

Board Views for Project Management

  • Kanban: operational requests that are pulled and worked on as time allows
  • Scrum: planned work using sprints to designate specific time oriented goals

A kanban board is used to pull from an unassigned queue. A Scrum board is used to plan agile sprints.

What requires an admin level request?

This service is a shared instances of Jira. This presents some constraints. The following configurations are performed by the Shared Tools team. 

Configuration Requests

  • Custom notifications
  • Schemes
  • Workflows
  • Issue/Request types
  • Field configuration
  • Tags (global & affect all teams)
  • Issue configuration

Board Configurations

  • Columns
  • Swim lanes
  • Quick filters
  • Card Colors
  • Card Layout
  • Estimation
  • Working Days
  • Issue Detail View

What can a project owner do?

Project owners can perform certain actions at the project level.

Project Management

  • Add new users
  • Create basic reports
  • Create custom dashboards
  • Create
    • Epics
    • Versions
    • Releases
    • Issues
  • Manage the backlog

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