How to conduct a hearing screening (simplified)

Simple instructions for running a hearing screening in Waisman 544

More detailed instructions are here: How to conduct a hearing screening (full) KB guide.

Run the test

  1. "Next you will complete a hearing screening. Please silence or turn off your cell phone and anything else that might make noise, then move to the other side of the desk and take a seat in the green chair."
  2. If the audiometer is already on, turn it off. Press and hold both knobs until the screen goes blank.
  3. Touch the "tone" button on the audiometer to turn it on.
  4. Give the participant instructions
    1. During the test, you will hear tones played through the headphones at different pitches and volumes. Whenever you hear a tone, immediately press the button on the clicker. Some of the tones will be very very quiet, so it's normal to not hear every one. Just press the button as soon as you do hear a tone.

      The test takes about 10 minutes, and I will tell you when it's over.

      Do you have any questions?

      Go ahead and put the headphones securely over your ears. Red on the right, blue on the left.
  5. Press the Hz wheel to cycle the menu. You should now see "HW" above F4
  6. Press F4. The audiometer will now automatically run through the Hughson-Westlake test.
    1. Once you stop seeing "HW test" printed at the top of the screen and instead see the default screen (30 dbHL, R ear, 1000 Hz), the test is done.
  7. When they're done: "You are finished with the hearing screening. Put the headphones and clicker back on the desk and move back to the other side of the desk, in front of the computer. Please wait a minute while I get the next part set up."
  8. Press the Hz wheel to cycle the menu and press F3 for "Thres"
  9. Use F2 and F3 to arrow through the thresholds.
  10. Because we are running this study with older adults (older than 56 years old), please look at the thresholds for each age group below 
    Young (18-30) Mid (31-55) Old (56+)
    passed all of the thresholds are no more than 25 db HL
    all of the thresholds are no more than 25 db HL

    all of the thresholds except 4k Hz are no more than 40 db HL

    For threshold at 4k Hz, no more than 55 dB HL

    If they did not pass, see Step 4 in the full guide for instructions.

Save the data

  1. Open the Diagnostic Suite program on the computer.
  2. Click the icons in this order. In the text box, enter the participant ID, the experiment, and today's date. If the --> button doesn't show up, first try unplugging and replugging the leftmost grey cable on the audiometer. If it still doesn't show up, instead go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\audiometer and open the file called "zzTemplate.txt". Enter the values manually into the text file, then go to File >> Save As and save the name with the participant's initials. Close Diagnostic Suite and turn off the audiometer.
    1. Click Factory defaults, then Single Audiogram, then Select
  3. Double click the desktop icon called "Audiometer Results - local" and check that a new file has been saved. (Or navigate to C:/Users/Public/Documents/audiometer)
  4. Rename this file to the participant ID number
  5. Open the file and check that the audiogram was correctly loaded
  6. Close Diagnostic Suite. When it asks if you want to save, click No

Turn off the audiometer

  1. Press and hold both knobs until the screen goes blank

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