Academic Affairs Data Definitions

For reliable reporting and analytics, consistency of data definitions and transparency of transformations from source systems are necessary. Following are definitions that have been reviewed and approved by the DDMC.

Data Definitions


Status: APPROVED                          DDMC Approval Date: November 2, 2023

Business Definition

Gender is the description that a student selects to describe their innate sense of their gender.

Valid Values

SMPH respects how the student identifies and uses the specific descriptions selected/provided by the student in our student information system, Acuity (One45), where students view their personal information. These values are:


Another Gender Identity (Specify)

Genderqueer/Gender non-conforming


Multiple (Concatenated)


Trans man

Trans woman


Unknown (Declined to answer)


Data “Sources of Truth”

MD Students: AMCAS application


Other Information

For reporting, it is desirable to group these descriptions into fewer categories for analytics and necessary to meet other entities’ requirements. The chart below shows the approved grouping methodologies for Gender.

Acuity Program Mgt (One45)  Acuity Analytics SIS IPED UW News LCME
Man Man Male Male Men Men
Woman Woman Female Female Women Women
Trans man Another gender identity Unknown X or another legal sex Other/Not reported  
Trans woman
Genderqueer/Gender non-conforming
Another Gender Identity (Specify)
Multiple (Concatenate)
(blank) Not disclosed Gender unknown

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