Acuity One45 - Managing Absence Requests

This document describes how to manage absence requests within the Acuity One45 system.

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The MEO service account will receive and email notification that there is a task to complete in Acuity. This means that a student has initiated an absence proposal. You can also view all outstanding absence requests by logging into the Absence Approver. 

Approve/Acknowledge/Deny Requests

To respond to a student's absence request: 

  1. Log into Acuity One45 as the Absence Approver (MEO service account) or log into your account and navigate to "Approver" using the search function in the upper right hand side of the screen.
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  2. You will see all the outstanding requests on the ToDo page and be able to view if it is for Phase 1 (Undergrad) or Phase 2. 
  3. In the contributor column, a checked box indicates that the student has completed the proposal. If the box is unchecked, then the student has initiated the proposal, but has not completed it. 
  4. Click on the student's name to launch the approval form.
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  5. When you launch the form, you will first see the student's completed form. You can scroll through to review the information, then the form you fill out will be on the same page just below the student's form.
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  6. Once you submit this form, it will be removed from the Absence Approver ToDo page.

Logging Absences

In order for the absence to show up on the student's schedule, follow these steps to log the student absence:

  1. Go into the student eDossier by searching (by last name) for and selecting them.
  2. Select the Vacation/Leave section on their eDossier.
  3. Click 'Add New Leave' and enter the reason for absence, date(s) of absence, and any relevant comments. 
  4. Click 'OK'
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  5. You can now view the completed absence on this page. It will also show up on the student's schedule (viewable by admin and students).
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    Screen Capture

Absence Request Reports

There are two primary reports for viewing absence requests. The Absence Request Report shows an overview of every absence request sorted by the student. The Form Data Report shows all the requests and approvals and allows you to filter/sort by parent course, location, approval status etc.

Absence Request Report

To view the Absence Request Report:

  1. Click on 'Reports' on the top menu
  2. Click on 'Absence Request' on the left-hand menu.
  3. You can view all absence requests sorted by student. Click on the hyperlinked proposal to see the completed form.
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Form Data Report

To view the Form Data Report:

  1. Click on 'Reports' on the top menu
  2. Click on 'Reports Center' on the left-hand menu
  3. Select the Form Data Report
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  4. Select the form(s) you want to pull the report for.
  5. Filter by the dates you are searching for.
  6. Click 'Run Report' to filter/view in Acuity One45, or export directly to Excel if you prefer to filter there (you can always export later).
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  7. Once you pull the report, you can show/hide columns and filter by parent course, location, request type, etc.
  8. You can also save the report settings, similar to the Form Status Report. View this KB for more information on saving reports: (Note that this is for the Form Status Report but can be applied to this report as well).
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Questions and Support

For questions and support, please email:

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