Acuity Insights Implementation

SMPH Academic Affairs is implementing the Acuity Insights Program Management and Analytics modules. These products are the centerpiece of a technology strategy to improve student and faculty experience and to Enhance Understanding & Reach Excellence with Key Analytics—EUREKA!

Project Timeline 2023-2025

2024 Quarter 1 Planned Activities

  • Collecting Analytics Solution deliverables

  • Completing data integrations between Analytics & various applications

  • Finalize clinical assessment and evaluation workflow and setup training

  • Continue clinical assessment and evaluation reporting discussions and processes 
  • Addressing eval question ID – tracking same question across multiple evals

  • Begin Phase 3 planning discussions & provide necessary deliverables to Acuity
  • Exploring options for Graduation Tracking
  • Understand various reporting functions in program solution

  • Explore and determine if student service surveys & sign ups can be built within Acuity

  • Pilot Phase 2 student absence requests to be initiated and tracked in Acuity

  • Phase 2 Student courses and rotations scheduled in Acuity

  • Clinical skills assessments & evaluations completed in Acuity

  • Acuity resources engaged to guide evaluation of Acuity Analytics value

  • Optimization review of Phase 2 build

  • 2024 Q1 Analytics Roadmap approved by Data Domain Management Council (DDMC) and published

  • Create workflows for SPARC decisions that impact student reporting and operations

2023 Quarter 4 Achievements

  • Phase 2 rotation lotteries built and released to students in Acuity

  • Faculty and course evaluations conducted from Acuity

  • MEO, Department and Regional coordinators trained for Phase 2 

  • Phase 2 courses built and mapped in Acuity

  • Worked with Clinical Assessment Taskforce to build and disseminate revised assessments 
  • Build Phase 2 sandbox (acute care) for testing

  • Developed user roles & permission for Phase 2 faculty and staff

  • Set up Spring Phase 1 courses (schedules, mapping, evaluations)

2023 Quarter 3 Achievements

  • Discussions with Rutgers, that have add/drop functionality workarounds

  • ELO assessment, including evaluation process

  • Ensure integration between schedules and lecture caption auto-recording

  • Create administrative courses for non-curricular events

  • Build/review I&D and M&M schedules & curriculum mapping

  • Create accounts for Med Ed/Student Services users

  • Develop onboarding plans for faculty and staff

  • Build and test evaluations

  • Create workflow for new user requests

  • Coordinators reviewed ALL details of schedules to ensure no errors in rooms/facilitators

  • Manage enrollment across Oasis & Acuity

  • Onboard faculty/staff

  • Create learner accounts / develop learner-facing onboarding materials
  • Create workflows for SPARC decisions that impact student attendance/enrollment

  • Research token or other authentication approach for state-wide locations

  • Establish best practices for adding new users and deleting old users

  • Continued work on Analytics set up

  • Create KBs for common processes

  • Create JIRA ticket(s) for requests

2023 Quarter 2 Achievements

  • Built/reviewed PPP/BiB schedules & curriculum mapping

  • Imported PPP/BiB ELOs

  • Created consistent naming convention for courses/rooms

  • Obtained consensus on utilizing gradebook vs analytics functionality

  • Reviewed inventory sources for grading details, created visual workflow

  • Collected phase 2 sandbox deliverables

  • Resolved importing barriers related to SIS requirements
  • Created work-around to identify/label students by level (e.g. M1, M2)

  • Identified alternative solution for announcements/notices

  • Identified process for adding course credits into Acuity

  • Determined students can be assigned to mentors for tracking purposes (yet to be implemented) 

  • Identified how to catalog courses by department

  • Identified issue related to confidentiality marker for student accounts and developed a work around (yet to be implemented) 

  • Completed Form Builder training

2023 Quarter 1 Achievements

  • Completed SSO integration

  • Created access roles based on responsibilities

  • Addressed VPN and firewall restrictions


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