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Accrual: Not Applicable

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Accrual Information: Not Applicable

In Update Mode, a Not Applicable checkbox appears in the right side of the header for this section.

When the Not Applicable box is checked, N/A will appear as a field value for all Target Accrual fields or Accrual Goal fields for the protocol. Additionally, the protocol will not display in the Open or Suspended Protocols At Or Over Target Accrual report. 

Oncology: UWCCC definition of accrual is the number of living, identifiable, consented subjects on a clinical or translational research study.

  1. Living: Subject must be living at the time of accrual. (For example, samples from autopsies are not counted as accrual).
  2. Identifiable: If the researcher does not have a direct or indirect link through a code, to subject PHI, then the study does not have accrual.
  3. Consented: Subject must be consented to be considered accrual.
  4. Research study: If a study does not have a research question, then the does not have accrual. (For example: banking, registry, and compassionate use studies).

Required in the situations described.

When this box is checked, "N/A" will appear as a field value for accrual and accrual goal fields.

Important Note: If this box is checked, a note must be made in the Documents/Info > Archive/Notes > Notes Details field explaining that accrual is not being collected for the protocol and the reason WHY (by listing one or more key criteria of the accrual definition that is NOT being met).

PC Console edit / Protocol Coordinator Yes

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