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Field Name Definition Requirement
Entry Instructions
Responsible for Entry QA
Arm Treatment arms can be defined for each step by clicking on the corresponding Arms link.
Protocols must have at least one arm for subjects to be able to have a status of On Treatment. A study can have one arm or multiple arms, and OnCore will permit subjects to be assigned to multiple arms.
This information populates to the Subject Console and subjects can then be assigned to an Arm in the Subject Console > ”Treatment” tab.
Required in the situations described
The Arm Description appears in other areas of OnCore without the Arm Code. Ensure that each arm can be distinguished and the description is unique to the protocol and phases (if applicable).

If a study is blinded, only one arm should be entered per cohort.

Oncology: only arms that the UWCCC and/or its affiliates are participating in should be entered into the Treatment tab.

Any changes to the Step Code, Arm Code, or Arm Description are made after a study is Open to Accrual, a support ticket should be submitted to OnCore support before enrolling any subjects to those arms in OnCore.
PC Console edit / Protocol Coordinator Yes

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