RDP Into PlatformX Server In GCP

Describes the steps necessary to RDP into a PlatfromX Windows server in GCP via the IaP

  1. Install the gcloud cli .

  2. For Mac OSX users, install Windows Remote Desktop for Mac .

  3. From the Terminal in OSX or from Powershell in Windows initialize the gcloud cli.

    gcloud init

    During the login process the gcloud cli opens up a new browser window. Use your NetID and password for authenticating with Google. When prompted, select the project name given to you by the Platform X team and select the us-central1-a zone.

  4. Platform X uses an Identity Aware Proxy (IaP) for accessing servers on private networks. The IaP requires the name of the server before logging in. Platform X's automatic OS upgrade causes the server names to change slightly each night. Use the Managed Instance Group CLI command to find the name of the server. The Platform X team will provide you with the name of the Managed Instance Group.

    gcloud compute instance-groups managed list-instances <Name_of_Managed_Instance_Group>

    The command returns the name of a single server managed by the instance group. Use this name in step 5 and 6.

  5. Create a temporary Windows password

    gcloud compute reset-windows-password <Name_of_Server>

  6. Create a tunnel between your computer and the remote Windows server.

    gcloud compute start-iap-tunnel <Name_of_Server> 3389 --local-host-port=localhost:3389 --zone=us-central1-a

  7. Connect to the Windows server using Windows Remote Desktop Software. The name of the connection is localhost:3389 and the username and password come from step 5.

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