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REDCap: Descriptive Field Media Embedding

Descriptive Field Media Embedding Overview

Descriptive Fields within REDCap can be used to embed (or insert) a wide variety of media into a page on a REDCap form or survey.  This may include videos (such as YouTube videos), display of other websites, or display of other REDCap surveys.  These other forms of media can be added as a link to the form or in a windowed frame within the REDCap instrument itself. 

To embed other media into a REDCap form, there is an optional setting to provide the link to the media you wish to embed on the right-side of the field editor window. 

Descriptive Field Embedding Screenshot
Adding embedded media to Descriptive Field

Appropriate Uses of Media Embedding in REDCap

Media Embedding can be useful for a variety of reasons.  However, when dealing with PHI and participant data you need to be careful about the information you are displaying  and what participants are able to interact with in the external pages.  PHI should remain within REDCap fields or approved tools ONLY and should never be shared into outside windows that are embedded within REDCap. 

Website Embedding

While it is possible to embed media from sites external to REDCap within the REDCap window, this does not mean those external websites are secure.  REDCap provides a window into the other pages, but those pages are not hosted by REDCap itself.  

It is important to NOT link in any websites where research survey participants may be prompted, or would inadvertently, provide PHI into a non-secured environment. 

Video or Audio Embedding

Videos may be embedded and displayed within a REDCap form similarly to a website.  Instead of the general website link, a URL should be provided that points directly to the hosted video.  This method can work with a variety of video hosting platforms, including YouTube videos. 

Survey Embedding

Additional surveys can be embedded into a REDCap form.  This can include survey links from other survey platforms, or links to REDCap surveys both within the same REDCap project or across multiple REDCap projects using a Public Survey link. 

If embedding a survey from within the same REDCap project, Smart Variables can be used to pipe in the appropriate record specific survey URL (e.g. [survey-url:instrument_name]).

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