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eBinders Monitor Training and Access Requests

For monitors who are new to the UW-Madison SMPH instance of Florence eBinders, the request process consists of 2 steps. For returning monitors, only step 2 is required at the time of each visit.

Step 1: Request TRAINING

  1. If a monitor has completed eBinder training for another institution you must still request training for them so they can attest to completing the instance-specific training
  2. A monitor-specific training report is available from the UW Florence eBinders Access & Training Documentation Lookup KB page to check if training has been requested for and/or completed by monitor
  3. Use the first link ("I need to request eReg TRAINING for a Monitor") on the REDCap survey
  4. The requester will be copied on the email that is generated to the monitor
  5. The requester will receive an email once the monitor has completed the training

Step 2: Request ACCESS to eReg Binder

  1. Once the monitor has completed the training, use the second link ("I need to request Monitor ACCESS to an eReg Binder") on the REDCap survey
  2. Submit access requests at least 1-2 business days prior to the scheduled session to allow time to set up the access
  3. Access can only be granted to an individual monitor for a specific study for one time period, which is typically the duration of the monitoring visit. If that monitor has multiple visits scheduled for the same study, wait until just prior to each visit to request access.
  4. A monitor can have access to multiple studies at one time. 
  5. If monitor will be working on multiple studies during the same period of time (such as oncology cooperative group auditors), it is acceptable to include multiple study numbers in the same access request. If the visits do not have the same exact monitoring periods, submit separate requests. 

Note: Monitors do not need to be physically located within the United States (US) to access Florence eBinders; however, this is a requirement for Health Link (HL) access. Because of this discrepancy, study teams would need to print and certify documentation from HL into eBinders for monitoring purposes. Refer to Electronic Certified Copies for more information. We recommend each department, center, institute, or research group have a way to track international access requests in the event that they need to renegotiate monitoring fees because of the extra burden this creates 

The following are included when access is granted to monitors:

  • Study-specific binder access
  • _Central Documents binder access
  • Permission to view and download documents from either of the above if they do NOT contain PHI (i.e., if they are NOT marked as containing PHI)
  • Permission to view documents in study-specific binders that DO contain PHI (i.e., are marked as containing PHI)

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