OnCore: Interface between OnCore and Health Link - Protocol and Subject Status

This document provides general information about the OnCore-Health Link Interface and how it affects the workflow of research staff.

Overview Health Link Interface
Demographics Interface
Study and Subject Interface
How are Research Staff affected?

The interface between OnCore and Health Link to streamlines communication about research subjects and their status on protocols.

This interface is composed of two components:

  • The Demographics interface sends UWHC/UWMF patient information from Health Link to OnCore.

  • The Study and Subject Status Interface sends information about studies and research subject from OnCore to HealthLink.

The diagram illustrates the basic function of the two interfaces. Each interface is described in futher detail below.

Demographics Interface

The Demographics interface allows Health Link to provide OnCore with an up-to-date patient database.

  • As new patients are added to Health Link, they are automatically available in OnCore and can be added to research studies as needed.

  • Information is refreshed daily and overwrites information from Patient Registration in Health Link to OnCore.

  • This also means that changes to patient demographics (like a name or address change) must be made in Health Link.

The interface includes several pieces of demographic data about each patient:

Demographic fields    [Click to expand and collapse]

  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Middle Name
  • Name Suffix
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Race*
  • Ethnicity*
  • Expired Date (if patient deceased)
  • Address Line 1
  • Address Line 2
  • City
  • State
  • ZIP
  • Country
  • County
  • Primary Phone Number
  • Alternate Phone Number

* Note: Since race and ethnicity may not be available in Health Link, this data is sent from Health Link to OnCore when the subject is first created, but it will not be updated subsequently. This means that these fields CAN be updated in OnCore by study staff.

Study and Subject Interface

The Study and Subject Interface creates a record in Health Link for each new study and updates Health Link with each subject's status on the study.

Study Status:

Studies are interfaced with Health Link during SMPH Review Process.

Each study is reviewed to determine if hospital or medical foundation billable charges will generate.

Basic information about the study is sent from OnCore to Health Link to set up a study record including the following information:

Protocol Related fields    [Click to expand and collapse]

For stigmatizing studies this information is replaced with a generic research protocol description, for details see: Stigmatizing Studies

Subject Status:

Oncore sends updates to Health Link when subjects are enrolled in interfaced studies.

Each subject status change is automatically sent from OnCore to the Health Link research record.

  • This ensures that subject Health Link records are accurate as study staff update OnCore.
  • Each possible research subject status is categorized as Active or Inactive in Health Link.
  • Active subject's charges are reviewed by patient billing for research related charges.
  • Inactive subjects will not be reviewed for research related charges, but their research history will reflect that they were approached and/or participated in the study.

See subject status information below

Subject Status List    [Click to expand and collapse]
OnCore Subject StatusHow is the status set in OnCore?Result in Heath Link
ConsentedThis status is set by documenting informed consent. Detailed instructions are available here: [OnCore] Documenting Subject Informed Consent or Consent RefusalConsented. This is an Active billing status.
Eligible Subject is documented as Eligible or Eligible(O) in Subject Console -> Eligibility.Eligible. This is an Active billing status.
On Study Enter a Sequence Number (Study ID number) and On Study Date in Subject Console -> On Study.On Study. This is an Active billing status.
On Study/Off Treatment Enter an Off Treatment Date in Subject Console -> Treatment. Note that the subject must be on a Treatment Arm to enter an Off Treatment date.Off Treatment. This is an Active billing status.
On Follow Up Enter a Follow Up Start Date into Subject Console -> Follow Up.On Follow Up. This is an Active billing status.
Long Term Follow Up Email OnCore support team > Must be triggered manually.Long Term Follow Up. This is an Inactivebilling status. This is meant for studies that place subjects on long term follow up during which no charges will be incurred.
Consent Refused Enter a Follow Up Start Date into Subject Console -> Follow Up.Declined. This is an Inactive on the study.
Not Eligible Subject is documented as Not in Subject Console -> Eligibility.Not Eligible. This is an Inactive billing status.
Withdrawn Subject is documented as Withdrawn in Subject Console -> Follow Up.Withdrawn. This is an Inactive billing status.
Off Study Enter an Off Study Date into Subject Console -> Follow Up.Off Study. This is an Inactive billing status.

The interfaces have a variety of effects on OnCore, including:

  • No redundant entry of UW-Madison subject demographic data. OnCore's database of potential subjects include all patients with a UWHC MRN, so study staff do not need to enter demographic data into OnCore.

  • UW-Madison Subject demographic data is automatically updated from Health Link. The ADT interface updates OnCore's database of (potential) subjects hourly as Health Link records change. Thus, research staff do not need to keep this information up to date in OnCore for their subjects. Changes to subject information need to be made in Health Link first (generally by contacting patient registration) after which OnCore will automatically update.

  • Information about subjects, and their status on protocols, is automatically sent to Health Link. This ensures that attaching subjects to studies, and making changes to their status on studies, will happen automatically, in real time, when changes are made in OnCore.

    NOTE: If your study requires linking orders and encounters prior to documenting consent in OnCore, please reach out to crps@uwhealth.org.

  • Billing slips (submitted through OnCore) communicate research-related charges to UWHC/UWMF Special Billing. Any questions about research-related billing charges are directed to the Research Billing Contact identified in the staff list on each protocol.

These interfaces only apply to identifiable UW-Madison subjects on UW-Madison studies. Subjects enrolled at other institutions, or subjects enrolled in a de-identified fashion, will not be affected.

The ADT interface, which will populate OnCore with Health Link's patient database, was deployed on 05/10/2013.

The RPE interface, which will provide Health Link with information about subject participation in studies, was deployed on 05/14/2013.

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