1. [SMPH][HSLC] Connect my Mac to the MSAD file server
  2. Remote Desktop - Accessing your HSLC Windows desktop from the internet
  3. SMPH Administration - Request an Office 365 Service Account
  4. (SMPH) UW Tools for YOU.
  5. Software Installed on Classroom and Conference Room Computers at HSLC, CSC, WIMR and MFCB
  6. HSLC - Wireless Choices
  7. SMPH Network Policies and Procedures for User Access
  8. SMPH HSLC Network - New Employee Account
  9. (SMPH) (HSLC) (Windows 7) Add a Network Printer
  10. Using the SMPH Departmental VPN
  11. Reading Security Policies on the SMPH Palo Alto Firewall
  12. FileMaker - Accessing a database on the HSLC FileMaker server.