Paid Faculty Annual Reappointment Reports Kickoff

This KB provides instruction and deadlines for the paid faculty annual reappointment reports exercise. This KB is intended for department leadership and HR Business Partners (HRBP) who assist with the completion of this exercise.


Each year, Faculty HR sends out a report to each department which includes a list of faculty who require a reappointment letter based on the end date of their current contract. Reappointment letters are issued one year in advance, so the reappointment letters that will be drafted will be issued to the faculty members by 6/30/2023, but will not begin until 7/1/2024. The faculty members listed have a current contract in place through 6/30/2024. These reports include assistant professors on the tenure track and all ranks on the CHS, CT, RP and TP tracks. Clinical Instructors, Instructor CHS, true Visiting faculty, and faculty rehired annuitants are NOT included in this exercise.

New this year: in an attempt to help streamline this process, eliminate excess information and to put the focus on the most important aspect of this exercise (the reappointment approvals and letters), the report will only include one tab this year (instead of three tabs as you've seen in previous years). The tab will include:

  1. Faculty requiring a reappointment letter for new contracts beginning July 1, 2024. (All ranks on the CHS, CT, RP and TP tracks and Assistant Professors on the tenure track)

Tabs that have been removed from this exercise:

  1. A list of probationary faculty (current assistant professors on the tenure and CHS track)

    1. This was solely informational and we have learned it does not add much value to our departments, therefore, we have removed this from the exercise. The probationary clock dates and FTE information listed on this tab have been moved to the "Faculty requiring a reappointment letter" tab as that was the most helpful information previously listed on this tab.

  2. A list of provisional visiting faculty (senior rank faculty currently in visiting appointments pending permanent title approval)

    1. This was also solely informational but not relevant to the main focus of this exercise, therefore, we have removed this from the exercise.

Action Required: Department leadership & HRBP

Department leadership and HRBP

  1. Review your department's report (attached to the email) for accuracy. Any edits/changes should be noted in the Comments column on the report in red
    1. If a faculty member on your report has resigned/retired, please indicate that on your report and a reappointment letter will not be needed
    2. If a faculty member is being put up for promotion instead, please indicate that on your report and a reappointment letter will not be needed
    3. If you have a different situation you are unsure about, please contact Faculty HR
  2. Proceed with determining your reappointment decisions. Items to be considered:
    1. SMPH's standard contract renewal length is 3 years. For senior rank faculty members, the department may reappoint for 5 years instead if they wish
    2. If you are considering renewing a faculty member for less than 3 years due to performance related concerns, you are required to obtain prior approval from the SMPH ER Director, Anne Mekschun. This approval will need to be noted in column F on the report
  3. For tenure track reappointments only: ensure the department's Executive Committee (EC) votes to approve the reappointments. CHS, CT, RP and TP reappointments do not require EC vote and can be approved by the chair
  4. Once reappointment decisions have been made, HRBP will fill in the new contract dates on the spreadsheet
  5. The department chair will sign the report once the information and reappointments have been confirmed/approved


  1. Once the department chair and EC (tenure reappointments only) have approved of the reappointments, HRBP will draft the reappointment letters using the templates on the SMPH intranet
  2. Send completed/signed report and draft reappointment letters to Faculty HR for review. Once the reappointment letters are approved, Faculty HR will inform HRBP
  3. HRBP will obtain department chair signature on the reappointment letters and distribute to the faculty members for their signature
  4. Upload final signed reappointment letters to ImageNow. Note: Faculty HR does not need the final signed versions back
  5. If a clinical faculty member, send copy of signed reappointment letter to Medical Staff Affairs (


By Friday, May 19, 2023

  • HRBP will send draft reappointment letters (unsigned) to Faculty HR for review. Faculty HR will respond to HRBP with approval as soon as possible
  • HRBP will send updated and signed faculty report to Faculty HR. Reports must be sent in Excel format. Please do not save reports as pdfs
    • It is important that the report is submitted at the same time as your draft reappointment letters. Faculty HR needs to see the information and/or edits on the report in order to properly review the reappointment letters

By Friday, June 30, 2023

  • HRBP must send reappointment letters to the faculty members for signature

Department leaders - given the above deadlines, please ensure you are scheduling your executive committee meetings to vote on your tenure track reappointments as soon as possible so you are able to report back to your HRBPs timely. Please note: in order to follow Chapter 7.07 in FP&P for your tenure track reappointments, you should be notifying your faculty members who are up for reappointment regarding the outcome of the meeting. This should be done within 5 business days of the executive committee meeting and can be done via email. The official reappointment letter will follow (sent to the faculty member by June 30th as noted above). Your CHS, CT, RP and TP reappointment decisions do not require an executive committee vote and can just be approved by the department chair.  

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