Paid Faculty Annual Reports Exercise Process

Summary: The process outlined below includes the necessary steps for processing annual faculty reports. Additional department-specific steps may apply.

Faculty HR should refer to the Paid Faculty Annual Reports folder in Box for templates, timelines, and other relevant information referenced in the following steps. 

Step 1: Faculty HR - Initiate annual report process

In November, Faculty HR will request master lists of each of the following paid faculty reports from Central HR Operations.

  • Probationary Faculty (Assistant Professors on the CHS and Tenure track)
  • Provisional Visiting Faculty
  • Paid Faculty Requiring Reappointment Letters

Step 2: Employee Relations review

Before distributing individual reports to departments, send a copy of the master reappointment report to the Employee Relations Manager so they may review for faculty with pending performance concerns. 

Step 3: Prepare reports for distribution

Faculty HR will create individual department reports with instructions for each tab, and save them in Box.

Step 4: Distribute annual reports

By early December, Faculty HR will draft and send one email to all department chairs, department administrators, and HR Business Partners (HRBP). The following should be included in the email: 

  • Instructions for processing department reports
  • Link to the Box folder where individual department reports are located
  • Deadline in mid-May for return of signed department reports and submission of draft reappointment letters

Step 5: Department report review

HRBP will work with departments to review the report for accuracy, following specific directions at the top of each report for processing and noting changes in the comments column in red (if applicable). 

Departments must obtain Executive Committee (EC) vote for their tenure track faculty members up for reappointment. Votes on CHS and CT track reappointments may be delegated to the Chair and would not need an EC vote, although departments can choose to also vote on those through the EC if they choose to do so. Per FP&P 7.07, departments should notify faculty members of the EC decision to reappoint or non-renew within 5 business days of the EC meeting. This notification can be done via email, with a letter to follow by June 30th. 

Step 6: Department deadline reminder

In early April, Faculty HR will send an email reminder to departments of the mid-May deadline for return of signed reports and reappointment letters to Faculty HR for review. 

Step 7: Process reappointment letters

HRBP's will confirm reappointments and prepare letters following the steps in the Faculty Reappointment Workflow KB and send drafts to Faculty HR by the mid-May deadline. HRBP will update the department reappointment report with new contract begin and end dates in columns provided before obtaining the department chair's signature. 

Step 8: Reappointment letter approval

In May and June, Faculty HR will review reappointment letters, following steps in the Faculty Reappointment Workflow KB, and notify HRBP of approval and any necessary changes by mid-June. 

Step 9: Reappointment letter distribution

HRBP will prepare final letters, route for department chair signature, and distribute to faculty by June 30 deadline. HRBP will save a copy of the fully executed reappointment letters in ImageNow. The finals signed reappointment letters do not come back to Faculty HR. 

Step 10: Track return of signed reports

Faculty HR will create a spreadsheet for tracking return of each department’s annual reports. 

  • Verify report has been signed by the Department Chair. If not, return to HRBP to obtain Chair signature
  • Save completed report in Box folder by academic year/department

Step 11: Final report review

Faculty HR will review probationary and provisional visiting reports for any comments or corrections noted by HRBP in the Comments field and follow up as necessary. 

Step 12: Contract Dates in HRS

Faculty HR will enter new reappointment contract dates in HRS. 

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