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This page is a collection of recruitment resources for use by SMPH HR team and department hiring managers.

SMPH Recruiting and Hiring Toolkit 

This toolkit contains resources to help guide and ensure the recruitment and hiring of diverse employees. Each section of the toolkit covers a step in the recruiting process and includes guidance on recruiting best practices.

  1. All recruitments must receive the necessary department approval.
  2. If faculty, 
    1. Department Chair requests approval from the Dean to start a search.
    2. Department Administrator will request UWMF Workforce Planning (WFP) - Overview for clinical faculty. 
Request Position 
  1. Hiring Manager sends Recruitment Intake Form or Position Request - Email to HR Business Partner (HRBP)  
Develop Position Description (PVL) 
  1. Hiring Manager and HRBP:
Search and Screen Committee
  1. Hiring Manager identifies at least two people to serve on Search and Screen Committee to offer diverse outlooks.
  2. Hiring Manager provides committee with the PVL and screening criteria.
  3. Hiring Manager and committee reviews Unconscious Bias Training.
Approval to Recruit 
  1. HRBP requests SMPH Dean's Leadership Team approval in Position Recruitment Tracker (PoRT) - Overview
Post Position 
  1. HRBP Creates TREMS Posting in Talent Recruitment and Engagement System (TREMS).
  2. Department will begin Advertising and Sourcing with job boards and networks. 
Screen Applications

Confirm job criteria matches the criteria listed in the PVL.

  1. HRBP creates the Applicant Screening Spreadsheet
  2. HRBP, hiring manager, and/or search committee Reviews Applications.
    1. Complete the Applicant Screening Spreadsheet by uniformly applying job criteria. 
  3. HRBP notifies unqualified applicants of their status

Obtain HR approval on Applicant Screening Spreadsheet and interview questions before conducting interviews.

  1. Hiring Manager develops job-related Interview Questions to address every interviewee.
  2. Hiring Manager leads a structured Interview process, including an initial phone screen followed by interview rounds. 
    1. For clinical faculty, follow Clinician Faculty Recruitment Expense Budget Guidelines
  3. Interviewers complete an Interview Rubric or survey from SMPH HR Qualtrics Library to provide feedback.
Select Finalist 
  1. Hiring Manager selects finalist based on feedback and candidate’s ability to perform the job. Use Hiring Reason Form
Reference Checks 

Obtain HR approval on the completed Applicant Screening Spreadsheet and approval to check references on the finalist. 

  1. HRBP or Hiring Manager notifies finalist before checking references and verifies most recent supervisor is a referee. 
  2. HRBP or Hiring Manager checks references on the finalist following SMPH reference check policy and Reference Check Guidelines
Extend Offer 

Obtain HR and departmental approval to make the offer, including salary level.

  1. Department works with HRBP on Developing and Extending an Offer (Staff)
    1. Department may use Terms of Negotiations letter to finalize terms.  
  2. Hiring Manager completes New Hire Appointment Terms Form and submits to HRBP.
Close Recruitment 
  1. Hiring Manager Update Application Status on the applicant screening spreadsheet and submit to HRBP.  
  2. HRBP updates status in TREMS. 
  3. Hiring Manager and HRBP ensures Recruitment Documentation is complete. 

The recruitment closeout process should be complete within 1 month of making the hire.

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