Effort for most instructors - Public Child Welfare Training Program Effort

Instructors who teach most courses should be aware that they have an effort requirement. This document provides some help as to why that is.

You should be aware that you may be required to complete mandatory University effort reporting through UW System’s ECRT system. You will receive a rather benign email from effort@rsp.wisc.edu at your UW-Madison email address reminding you that you have effort tasks due. The email will arrive:

  • Mid-April for fall semester instructors
  • Early August for spring semester instructors

Why am I submitting an effort report?

Any instructors whose work is paid for or cost shared by a federal grant are required to fulfill this administrative duty. Effort reporting is mandated by the federal government for all federal grants and not an additional burden being imposed by the UW.

The School of Social Work’s Title IV-E Public Child Welfare Training Program is funded using federal pass-through money, and is considered to be a grant by the UW’s reporting systems. Courses with a substantial portion of the curriculum that is considered allowable child welfare curriculum, according to federal code, are considered to be a part of the “cost of doing business” for the Program, and  the cost of the instructor’s salary is submitted as an expense to the State for partial reimbursement. Instructors whose salaries are submitted as an expense of the IV-E Program are required to submit effort, to affirm that they taught the course in question.

What exactly is effort?

Effort is a measure of what percent of your UW-Madison paid time was spent working on a grant. In this case, your effort will be the fraction of however many classes you teach that we submit as IV-E Program expenses. If, for example, you taught one section of 442 (counted as an expense) and one of 870 (not counted), your effort on the IV-E Program would be 50% (assuming your appointments for the two courses were the same). School staff and UW accountants apply all of the necessary curriculum and federal discounts during the billing process. Your “effort” is more of an “all or nothing” sort of thing – either the course counts, or it doesn’t.

How do I submit my effort?

The email from effort@rsp.wisc.edu will contain instructions.

Can I get training on how to enter my effort?

In fact, training is mandatory. There are both on-line trainings and in-person trainings, depending on your preference. Visit https://www.rsp.wisc.edu/effort/training/ for more information. It generally takes 15-20 minutes.

What happens if I don’t do this?

Initially, you’ll receive a number of emails from School of Social Work staff asking you to get it done. The primary consequences fall on the Title IV-E Training Program and the School of Social Work – sufficient unfulfilled effort could result in a total loss of funding for a program that has been very valuable in training individuals to support children and families in the State of Wisconsin. It would also result in a significant reduction in course offerings, instructors, and teaching assistants, and would place a significant financial burden on the School. We understand that it can be difficult to perform an administrative task for a job that you may have finished four months earlier, but it is the nature of this particular bureaucracy.

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