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Faculty Senate Minutes 2014-05-05

University of Wisconsin--Madison

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May 5, 2014

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Chancellor Rebecca Blank called the meeting to order at 3:30 p.m. with 142 voting members present (107 needed for quorum).
1. Memorial resolutions were offered for:
Professor Emerita Jaya G. Iyer. faculty document 2485
Professor Emerita Ilona Kombrink. faculty document 2486
Professor Emeritus Keith R. Symon. faculty document 2487
Professor Emeritus Peter MacWilliams. faculty document 2488
Professor Emeritus Kenneth Bennett. faculty document 2489
2. Announcements/ Informational Items
a. Chancellor Blank announced that:
i. She has appointed Marsha Mailickas Interim Vice Chancellor for Research. The nature of her duties and whether she will also be interim Dean of the Graduate School will be determined by the results of today's Senate deliberations.
ii. The University’s HR Flexibility proposal was passed by the legislature. About 80% of the proposal can be implemented as the University is ready to roll it’s provisions out. About 20% requires changes in State statutes.
b. Michael Bernard-Donals, University Committee (UC) Chair announced that:
i. Ad Hoc Committee Faculty on bullying will be making recommendations for changes to Faculty Policies and Procedures at the October, 2014 Senate meeting The UC will also be drafting Faculty Legislation on this topic that will be presented to the faculty in the Fall.
ii. The UC has completed establishing the charge for the Ad Hoc Committee on Boycotts and Academic Freedom. Committee appointment letters will go out next few days.
3. Question Period
There were no questions. 
4. Minutes of the 7 April 2014 meeting were approved as disseminated.
5. Annual Reports from the following committees were approved as distributed:
Athletic Board. faculty document 2490
Campus Transportation Committee. faculty document 2491
Committee on Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Issues Annual Report 2013-2014. faculty document 2492
Office Education Committee. faculty document 2493
Recreational Sports Board. faculty document 2494
Teaching Academy Annual Report for 2012-2013. faculty document 2495
University Archives Annual Report for 2012-2013. faculty document 2496
University Library Committee Report for 2012-2013. faculty document 2497
Report of Elections to UW-Madison Faculty Committees for 2014-2015. faculty document 2498
6. Proposed revisions to Faculty Policies and Procedures were presented for their second and vote.
a. On behalf of the Committee on Women in the University, Co-Chair Natalia de Leon Gatti moved to approve the proposed revisions to FPP 6.56 Committee on Women in the University. Motion carried unanimously. Senate Document 2478
b. On behalf of the University Committee, Chair Michael Bernard-Donals moved to approve the proposed revisions to FPP 5.30 Departmental Chair: Selection. Motion approved unanimously. faculty document 2477
c. On behalf of the University Committee, Chair Michael Bernard-Donals moved to approve the proposed revisions to FPP 6.02, 6.05, 6.22., 6.26., 6.27., 6.28., 6.30., 6.42., 6.46., 6.48., 6.49., 6.50., 6.52 and 6.58. Motion approved unanimously. faculty document 2484
8. Apportionment. faculty document 2499
On behalf of the University Committee Michael Bernard-Donals moved to adopt the Apportionment plan for academic years 2014-15 and 2015-16. It was pointed out that Botony did not appear to have the correct number of senators listed in the plan. (Secretary of the Faculty’s Office will review the data and make the necessary correction).
Motion carried. 
9. University Committee Recommendations Regarding the Research Enterprise. faculty document 2500
On behalf of the University Committee Michael Bernard-Donals moved that the recommendations in the University Committee report be adopted with one addition of one change in recommendation 7a. The recommendation was missing four words. It should read “GEFEC and GSCASI shall continue to operate as governance structures for the Dean of the Graduate School and the VCRGE respectively.” In presenting the motion, Michael reviewed the process the University Committee used to develop their report and their findings that informed their recommendations.
Murray Clayton moved (motion seconded) to amend the motion to change “$35 million” WARF gift to “annual” WARF gift from recommendation 1, part c. as follows: “The $35 million annual WARF gift to faculty dedicated to sustain research and graduate education must be protected by the WARF Resource Request and Allocations Committee (see recommendation II), in concert with GFEC and the URC, on behalf of the faculty across all divisions.” Amendment carried.
Motion as amended carried.
10. “Forward Together: UW-Madison’s Framework for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence” faculty document 2501
On behalf the Ad Hoc Diversity and Planning Committee Ruth Litovsky presented the committee’s report and moved to adopt the recommendations contained in “Forward Together: UW-Madison’s Framework for Diversity and Inclusive Excellence.”
A motion was made and seconded to amend the report to substitute the word “disability” for “physical and intellectual ability”. Amendment carried.
A motion was made and seconded to amend Section II, Part C, Item 3 to insert “Because the concept of diversity and the means of its implementation are complex and sometimes controversial, the University remains deidicated to encouraging wide open and robust debate and discussion regarding the concept, its implementation and the pros and cons of the concept and its implementation.” Amendment carried.
Motion as amended carried.
11. Adjournment 
Jo Ellen Fair noted that at the end of May Michael Bernard-Donals and Mark Cook would be completing their terms on the University Committee. On behalf of the University Committee and the Senate she thanked them for their many contributions.
The meeting adjourned at 5:05 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
William A. Heiss, M.S.S.W.
Interim Secretary of the Faculty

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