University Committee Meeting Minutes 2022-09-12

Minutes approved 09-19-2022

Minutes for September 12, 2022 

UC members present: Babcock, Bernard-Donals, Li, Papp (chair), Tejedo-Herrero, Thibeault

Others: Michelle Felber, Lesley Fisher, Julie Scharm

Chair Papp called the meeting to order at 1:00 pm.

The minutes for the meeting of August 29, 2022, were approved.   

The University Committee will send any edits on the Shared Governance Letter to Secretary Daniels by the end of the week.

Vice Provost John Zumbrunnen reported that the start of the semester has been pretty quiet with some communications about the need for flexibility for missing class for Covid or other reasons. The Center for Teaching, Learning and Mentoring (CTLM) celebrated its first anniversary on July 1. New programming for instructors are happening at the beginning of each semester, and they are establishing partnerships with schools and colleges. Guts has moved into the Office of Undergraduate Advising and the Morgridge Center for Public Service joined the Division of Teaching and Learning on July 1. They are hiring an Assistant Vice Provost for student learning assessment and data to promote excellence in teaching and learning.

Vice Chancellor Lori Reesor reported that students are really excited to be here. They brought back the W project, which attracted 7200 students to Camp Randall to learn UW traditions and form a motion W on the field. Other large activities were well attended. The speaker for Our Wisconsin on Sunday had limited attendance. She also covered the chalking incidents (both on and off campus) from the first day of class where five Jewish organizations were called out as racist. She and LaVar Charleston wrote a response. During the weekend, the students for Justice in Palestine took responsibility for the chalking and said they were intended to be political and not antisemitic. There may be more dialogue with the student organization about this.

The University Committee discussed the meeting the UC subgroup had with Dean Karl Martin regarding the Extension memo. The University Committee discussed their response, which will be drafted by the subgroup.

The LGBTQ+ Committee requested a letter of support from the University Committee to support an additional staff person who specializes in LGBTQ+ issues especially in the area of benefits. Chair Papp will work with ASEC on a joint letter.

Papp moved to recess. Seconded. Approved at 2:11.

Papp called the meeting back to order at 2:33.

Bernard-Donals motioned to approve changes in FPP 7.25, 5.10 and 5.22 to the Faculty Senate in October. Seconded. Approved. FPP 7.25 removes Board of Regents approval for leaves of absence for political appointment. Changes in FPP chapter 5 would allow department executive committees to allow university staff members to participate in the annual chair preference ballot.

Papp adjourned the meeting at 3:28.

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